17 Sep

An Anime Wedding


Customer came in and invited us for his wedding in the fall but his is a dress up kind of wedding, an anime or manga wedding.  First of its kind around here but that should be really interesting.  Guests are encourage to dress up too but I’m sure these gold wedding rings  are the ones they are using and not some anime rings.

There are a lot of people that are into dressing up from being a Mario character to Batman and some are into Manga are not only dressing up like their favorite Manga character during comic con but on Halloween as well.  So it really didn’t come as a surprise to me when this particular customer wanted a anime wedding.

14 Aug

Used Guitars

 We don’t have a lot of variety of used guitars at our store right at this moment but you can find more on my favorite online store.  They have quite a few good ones and I liked their prices as well as the fact that they ship both in USA and Canada.   Learn more about us at MusiciansFriend.com  as they advertised on their website, but they have been around for a long time, so I go there to check out stuff for my customers who are looking for things that I don’t casrry myself at my store.

01 Jul

Magic 2015


M 15 scarey looking promotional items came in today and this was one of them.  It is huge!!  and we don’t even know where we are going to put this thing.   I guess for now, it’s just gonna sit in front of the store and scare some little kids when they come into the store.

25 Jun

Wedding In July

A wedding in July only means that I have to dress up in a tux.  But I figured since I won’t be wearing it as often, I can actually buy them from  here  as they are a lot cheaper than renting them from the town bridal store.   Unbelievable but it is true, so I figured I should share this with all you geeks out there looking for a decent set of tux to attend weddings or proms or whatever functions for a reasonable price here.

Shipping is free if you spend more than $75 and kids suit starts from $39 , you definitely cannot beat that price. If you are not particularly fussy, you can get some decent looking suit for under $100.  So definitely check this online place out first before letting the spouse make you spend a lot of money on something you are probably going to wear only once.

20 Jun

Furniture For Tablets


This is my perfect furniture to hold my tablet while I’m watching tv and doing some craft work or playing a game and need to go on the internet to look for info for my game.   This is called the Toi Table  by Salvatore Indriolo but at € 610,00 – I think I might have to look for another alternative or make one myself.

15 Jun



Nicolas Cage is portrayed as the ex-con who meets a 15 yrs old boy and tries to help him.  Although Nicolas Cage is a grouchy, weird and violent man in this movie, he is not as bad as the 15 yrs old boy’s father who beats him around and tries to pimp his daughter out for a few bucks.

The movie is quite messed up but I know a lot of families in the West are this way.  Very sad but it’s stuff that you hope ain’t true in the real world.

06 May

MLB14 The Show


Baseball Fans would be thrilled to know that they can now buy the MLB 14 The show at any retailer shop right now.  After some delay, I’m sure you would love to get your hands on it.

The PlayStation 4 version delivers new details for stadiums, lighting, players, and textures. The lighting effects go a long way in upping the realism. The strange, unmoving player hair pulls it back a little.  New features dramatically cut down the time it takes to complete a game, allowing players to get deeper into seasons

04 May

Monuments Men


The Monuments Men will be on DVD in a few weeks, I just got a preview of it and since it was based on a true story – or history I may add, the spouse was quite interested in watching it.

George Clooney, Matt Damon and Bill Murray , all the good actors are in this movie, so you can’t really go wrong with this movie.  But having watched this movie, I have to point out that some parts of the movie doesn’t seems correct, like the gold that was recovered at the end of the movie.  From what I’ve read many years ago, the gold and silver?  were recovered under the sea – in a sunken submarine?

Basically, one should just watch the movie for amusement and not for its historical value.

22 Apr

Batman: Arkham Origins – Cold, Cold Heart DLC


This is the first major DLC pack for Batman: Arkham Origins, Cold, Cold Heart introduces the chillilling Mr. Freeze into this Batman origin story. Batman has access to a new X.C. suit to deal with the icy weapons and obstacles created by Freeze’s minions.

Quite popular and everyone seems to want a copy of it from our town, I figured it is because it isn’t as violent as some of the games we have here.  The story was what was expected of any Batman game, I really didn’t find it that spectacular but kids of all ages can play with an adult on this game.  So it is a great family game.

08 Apr

Farmer’s Fridge


This is your next generation vending machine for those who wants a healthier lifestyle.   The farmer’s fridge is definitely a welcome to the young people staying around the city and have no access to farm fresh food and vegetable.   These salad are freshly picked from the farm and kept fresh in these fridges and using recyclable bottles, they cost like $6 – $8 for each bottle.

After 6pm, a discount of $1 is given to the remaining salad bottles.

22 Mar

Printing Letterheads

 A customer walked into our store the other day looking for info for some  local letterhead printing  and thought we would could do it since we were a computer store but sorry to disappoint him.  But wait a minute, we did recommend a place where he could do some letterhead printing easily and fast.

We are like this information booth or store since we are right in the middle of Main Street and if you know about computers, I guess you have to know about everything since you are expected to be tech savvy.  We don’t mind it a bit but sometimes when it gets really busy at the store, we just can’t provide informative details and we feel really bad about it.

06 Mar

MSI R9 290X Lightning Graphics Card

This graphic card will cost me at least $1000 after shipping and it was many years ago, and I was still gaming big time, I wouldn’t hesitate to get it and go ga-ga over it.  But at this point of time, since I’m more into console games, I just read over the review and check it out randomly.  But of course, there are still very many gamers out there, so this is what I think about it.

The Graphic card looks pretty cool and reminds me of a sport car, The Thermal design is said to dissipate heat more efficiently and it has an extreme cooling system thru’ Liquid Nitrogen.    Since it has a 12 GPU, one can expect the most stable voltages to the GPU when you are pushing it to benchmark it.   I also read that the  MSI R9 290X Lightning is built to withstand sub-zero freezing or extreme temperatures.

I’m sure it’s a darn good graphics card and at the momenet, you can’t get it oin Newegg because it’s out of stock.


04 Mar

Portable Router

Great news to a lot of people out there who travels or needs a wifi connection back on the go. This my friend is the first portable router and charger  from D – Link for sale now.  So for those of you who needs to have a wifi hotspot immediately while you are on the go, you can do so without worrying.  Comes with a rechargeable battery, you can download or upload documents or pictures into a storage drive using your Portable router.  Retails for $99.99 – i know of some people here who might just pick up the portable router for their personal use.

28 Feb

We’ve Got Winners !

Yes, it does looks like we have winners in our town, this afternoon a young man came in to buy these 2 boxes and paid $4 each for these magic card boxes.  So he paid up and he just got outta the door and came right back in and asked why the boxes are empty * roll eyes * .  And when we told him that the boxes are empty of course!  he said what did he pay for??  So we told him he paid for the boxes and he said oh no! he thought he paid for a box of cards !  *roll eyes* REALLY!!!  see what i mean when i say we have winners in this town.