18 Jul

Dr. Dre Headphones


I have a lot of customers coming in to sell me their Dr Dre’s headphone and I never did buy them 2nd hand because headphones needs to be purchased new in my humble opinion.  If I wanted a Dr Dre’s headphone, I would go to  monster beats studio  and buy it from there.  The ones that usually comes in are not given the proper care they deserved, it is a shame.  And if I wanted to buy them and re-sell, I want to make sure that they are of the best quality still as they are quick an expensive item to purchase.  So normally, I wouldn’t buy a 2nd hand headphone but if I do get one that is well taken care of , then I will re-consider.

24 Jun

Gaming Tables & Tournaments


Gaming tables of this sort is awesome to have at home and since we have been hosting more game tournaments of late at the store, I’ve decided to get some  premier table linens  to use when we have tournaments and not enough gaming tables to use.  We can transform the above gaming tables with a linen cloth and make them a good gaming table for the held tournaments.  And when they are not used for the tournaments , they can be just regular game tables anyone can use at the store or even at our cottage.

20 Jun

Hockey Tins


Brought in a few hockey tins, if there’s interest I’ll get more/more variety.  We really try to get as many things as the customer/s wants but we also know after being in business for so long that even though they are sought after at one time, it doesn’t mean that it is going to be a big seller.  So we will get some for now and see if anyone is interested.  No lost to us if they don’t sell , since we already paid for it and it won’t cost us any interest as we pay for everything in cash.

15 Jun

Inside Out Movie


Guess what we watched this today and what is the verdict?  over-hyped ! quite disappointed in my opinion.  I read somewhere that this is the first animation by pixel and Disney targetted for adults.   I could be wrong , but i still don’t think that it was that good.  I won’t see it again and even my 11 years old was kinda disappointed.

05 Jun

Violin For Kids


Searching for  violin strings  for a customer at the store, the spouse realized that it would have been cheaper to send our kid for violin classes instead of piano for the last 2.5 yrs.  We recently bought a piano for her at close to $3000 and she is only at the beginner stage of her piano lessons.  But for violin, it’s not even close to a third of the price we paid for the piano.   Wished we had known earlier – but for those who are thinking of sending their kids for music classes, do consider the violin instead, because they do make professional violinist in the future too.

30 May

Run All Night


Just watched this last night and if it comes out on DVD , I’m gonna get a few to rent to our customer.  Pretty good movie I’ll have to say.  Liam Neeson is as always , so calm and emotionless most of the time but I guess that’s what the story is all about.

In the movie he is an old and out hired killer who is drunk most of the time but when the mob boss wants the life of his son because he shot him to protect his own son, Liam Neeson gave up his life to protect his estranged son and family.  Do watch it , it was really intense.

18 May

Retro Is In


Retro is the in thing these days, from turntable to retro games, anything retro , there are people out there wanting to get them.  So if anyone came in with a turntable or  turntable cases  I would most definitely buy them up for resale.  Is it a novelty or people are just getting nostalgia?  I can’t make out why because even the spouse wanted a turntable for the longest time and I finally found one for her, so now to get her a turntable case, to fit the turntable in.

10 May

Downloading Illegally


I received a very weird phone call from a customer at the store today.  He wanted to know if we dealt with the pay per view movies , in which I replied we don’t since we do rent movies at our store.  You see , he had been downloading illegally and I called him a pirate immediately over the phone, in which he laughed.  He said, he received a letter from these pay per view people because he had been downloading “some” movies.   I told him that i’ve heard about some people receiving such letter but I haven’t seen one before.

 So customer said that this letters might help our rental business , in which I replied that I haven’t seen an increase in our rentals as of yet.  But yes, the movie people are starting to come down hard on these pirates.  We ended our call and I went home thinking if he is thinking that we are the ones sending out these letters to boost our business or what was he trying to get at?

Well, firstly, we have no time for these illegal business, from downloading to sending out fake letters.  I hope he heeds his own advise and stop downloading illegally and start renting like any decent fella.

29 Apr

Bing For Your Search Engine


Like most people, we don’t like that fact that Google is controlling the pagerank of our websites and blog pages because they use their own algorithm that they insist is right.  But when it come to search engine , even though we don’t like Google , we still use Google more than Bing, Yahoo or any other search engines available out there.

Why is it so?  I think we are creatures of habits and it does seems that Google does provide some of the best search results as compared to others.  But recently Microsoft has poured in more time and money to make Bing more accessible to folks like implementing them into its OS or is it Microsoft Office?  Hmmm.. either way, Microsoft is trying really hard and thus far, they are at 20 % of the market in which people uses what time of search engine.  I’m truly rooting for Microsoft because no one company should be in control the way Google is right now.

25 Apr

Pain Free Gamer’s Wrist


Look familiar ?  i’m pretty sure any gamer/s would know what it is – yes, some people called it the gamer’s wrist but to me it’s just pain from too much gaming.  And I’m pretty sure a lot of us is very guilty about it.  I have the same problem too therefore, I looked into the  magnetic bracelet – benefits  to see if it would help.

I’ve heard many good reviews from real people about the magnetic bracelet, therefore, I am curious to learn more about it before purchasing one.  I don’t mind spending more money on an authentic one that can help me have a pain free wrist.  Wouldn’t you feel worthwhile spending some money to be pain free?  I would.  It is said that the magnetic bracelet can relieve and stop pain, therefore, I’m ordering one and trying it out, more on it later.

20 Apr



Is it never lose focus ?  or just focus?  I thought it was just focus to be honest till i saw the poster.  Oh well, whatever it is , the movie really isn’t anything about focus unless, it’s to tell thieves to be focus on their skills and targets?

As much as I loved Will Smith and his movies , I have to say that I don’t want to encourage people with sticky fingers to go robbing others so smoothly.  But if I look at this movie from another point of view , I guess I can say I did enjoy the plot.

So do watch it when it comes out on DVD if you haven’t watched it in the movies.

19 Mar

Gamer Rings


Customers asked me all the time if I sell gamer rings at our store, unfortunately, we don’t but the  military ring  that I’ve seen online is something I would wear myself as a gamer.  Why?  they are stainless steel, affordable and quite appropriate for just about any gamers to wear.  I might just get some in to re-sell at our store.  So if you are one of those looking for a gamer ring , try these military ones instead.

18 Mar

Windows 10 Free For All


Yes, you heard right!  even for the pirates, those who’ve pirated the software for ages.  What the hell right?  So what’s the catch here?  So if you are running on Windows OS  – anyone, you can upgrade for free, yes, even those illegal copies.  But I wonder if those who are illegally downloaded would dare get an upgrade?  in case they do get into trouble?  I’ve heard good things about the new Windows 10 and in the summer, you will be able to do the upgrade on your own.  I’ve tried the trial version , and it seems to work pretty good thus far.

17 Mar

A Handy Man’s Trash Can


Every guy I know should have  this rev a shelf trash  because it’s got to be one of the neatest design that is sure to improve the look of any kitchen.  I bet my spouse would love me , if I give her one of these trash cans for her birthday.  Ours is just so dirty looking and it makes the bottom of our cabinet look so dirty as well.  With this stainless steel pull out trash, it definitely looks like something everyone can use at home and even in the office.  May cost a little more but it would definitely save you a lot of cleaning time and money to replace it , each time it gets dirty looking or worn out.