20 Feb

Pet Owners 101


I have very  little time for games or movies these days because our home is beginning to look like a zoo.  Lucky for us, we found  EntirelyPets Pharmacy  for any prescription that our pets might need.   It all started with a rabbit that we found and then a cat showed up and another one and now we have a tortoise as well at home and some fishes.   So pet owners 101, I figured i should share it with all of you out there.  If you are a pet owner, whether it is for 1 pet or many like us, you have to have a vet on hand and a  pet pharmacy online as well.  When you become a pet owner, you have to take care of them especially their health and well – being.  Do not be one of those  pet owners that leave their pet to fend for themselves and feed them all kinds of food that you eat.  Different pets need different food, and if you cannot cater to their needs, please do not be a pet owner.

10 Feb

Music Software


We’ve been getting a lot of requests at the store of late for music software and mixers from several musician/s locally of late.  A check with musicans friend  we found that they carry all the software that were requested.   Of course, we shared the information with our customers , so that they can go online and get the software for themselves , if not to peruse and see if there was something much better or at a better price.   Although we don’t carry them ourselves, we are only too happy to re-direct our local customers where they can find things that we don’t have.  That’s what customer service is all about.

05 Feb

Acoustic Electric Guitar


We haven’t seen a lot of  Ovation gear  or Acoustic Electric Classical guitar around town, so when a customer brought one in to sell at the store, I had to check it out.   I hear that they are good for jazz, Latin, flamenco or classical guitar players looking for balanced tone and exceptional plugged-in performance.  Unfortunately, I don’t play so well as of yet but that doesn’t mean that I cannot collect it and learn how to use it.  The price is right, so I’m seriously considering if I should get it.  But I’ll wait till I’ve checked with the spouse first.

22 Oct

Gretsch Guitars

This Honey Dipper Special Round Neck Resonator Guitar Swamp Green is very unique and I told the spouse I want this for Christmas and she can  click here  to buy one for me.  Not only is the shape and the sound unique, it’s really loud and one can hear you without the microphone.  The price is also reasonable, especially if I’m getting only one good thing for Christmas, this is what I want for sure.  A limited edition model, so I reminded the spouse to order it earlier before Christmas, so that I can get it before Christmas.

20 Oct

Sex Tape


This has got to be one of the most hilarious movie that I’ve seen so far.  It sure kept the spouse awake and since Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel is in it, it has got to be good right?  Now this is an adult only movie , not suitable for young kids even teenagers.  Oh and don’t watch it with your in laws either.  Jason Segel was in the tv sitcom – How I met your mother that ended a long time ago it seems.  He and his wife (Cameron Diaz) have 2 kids and sex life seems to be impossible after having those kids, so to ignite or bring back that initial sex craze stage , they made a video of themselves having sex in like 101 ways.  After Segel had to forget about deleting it from his icloud and when giving away the multiple ipads that he seems to have, everyone that have ever been gifted the ipad is now able to watch their sex tape.

They  were also blackmailed by their friend’s 14 yrs old kid who wants $25K from them, to erase the video from a porn site instead, both segal and diaz decided to go break in the porn place themselves with their kids.  Now who would do something like that right?  even the most stupidest person wouldn’t put their young kids in harms way.  Well, like any good movie would have it, they ultimately was able to erase all the videos online and offline and goes about happily ever after.  The storyline isn’t spectacular but the process is hilarious, so it’s worth a watch.

30 Sep

Guitar Shopping

 After reading many  reviews  about various guitars that I had been eyeing on for Christmas , I’ve decided to get it before the busy season.  Most times when I am spending this much money, I always read what others have to say about it before purchasing it, of course, it is nice to be able to test it out first but it’s not always possible.  Therefore, I only buy my guitars at the most reliable and reputable places, making sure that all the reviews I’ve read are genuine and not just put up by the company.  Of course, a good return policy is a plus and free shipping is also a bonus.  But above all, a good reputation and word of mouth of a good place to buy my guitars from is most important.  So if you are buying anything online, make sure you check out the reviews before buying.

20 Sep

M:TG Kahns pre-release


And the games begins , it is so good to see so many players in this event.

17 Sep

An Anime Wedding


Customer came in and invited us for his wedding in the fall but his is a dress up kind of wedding, an anime or manga wedding.  First of its kind around here but that should be really interesting.  Guests are encourage to dress up too but I’m sure these gold wedding rings  are the ones they are using and not some anime rings.

There are a lot of people that are into dressing up from being a Mario character to Batman and some are into Manga are not only dressing up like their favorite Manga character during comic con but on Halloween as well.  So it really didn’t come as a surprise to me when this particular customer wanted a anime wedding.

15 Sep

Apple iPhone 6


The iPhone 6 is being released early here in Canada but people around the world had already started lining up for them I heard since last week.  In Australia, a girl was kicked out of her line by a cop before she could get her hands on it and she started bawling her eyes out.   As much as I loved gadgets, you ain’t going to find me lining up for an iPhone 6 anytime soon.

So what is new in iPhone 6 as compare to iPhone 5S?  First, from what I’ve seen, the iPhone 6 looks a lot thinner , meaning that it may be lighter overall.  A check on Roger’s Phone shop, you can purchase it for about $969.00 + tax if you don’t want a contract.  If you want a 2 years contract, you will need to pay at least $485+ tax.

I also know that they have a better camera in it , now you can use y our iPhone to take wide angle pictures, better stabilization.  And for those who loved to take selfies , this is the phone for you, because it can take 10 shots in a sec.  It also has an A8 chip thus saving more battery life in the new gadget.  There is a gig of ram in the new iPhone 6 and a better processor too.  And with the new iPhone 6, you will be able to watch your movies or youtube alot more smoothly.  There is also the Apple Pay but limited access at the moment.

While some people may be vying and dying for an iPhone 6 , I’ll wait for another few years when someone comes  into my store and sell it to me for cheap.

10 Sep



With Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, how can one miss this movie right?  Destined to be together they were not.  Two ended on a blind date that didn’t turn up well and they thought they would never meet each other again but fate had it otherwise of course.  And instead ended up with a holiday together with their entire family.  While Drew Barrymore has all boys , Adam Sandler has all girls with him.  Well, you can imagine how the movie played out right.  But it’s definitely a great family movie and one to watch for sure.

14 Aug

Used Guitars

 We don’t have a lot of variety of used guitars at our store right at this moment but you can find more on my favorite online store.  They have quite a few good ones and I liked their prices as well as the fact that they ship both in USA and Canada.   Learn more about us at MusiciansFriend.com  as they advertised on their website, but they have been around for a long time, so I go there to check out stuff for my customers who are looking for things that I don’t casrry myself at my store.

01 Jul

Magic 2015


M 15 scarey looking promotional items came in today and this was one of them.  It is huge!!  and we don’t even know where we are going to put this thing.   I guess for now, it’s just gonna sit in front of the store and scare some little kids when they come into the store.

25 Jun

Wedding In July

A wedding in July only means that I have to dress up in a tux.  But I figured since I won’t be wearing it as often, I can actually buy them from  here  as they are a lot cheaper than renting them from the town bridal store.   Unbelievable but it is true, so I figured I should share this with all you geeks out there looking for a decent set of tux to attend weddings or proms or whatever functions for a reasonable price here.

Shipping is free if you spend more than $75 and kids suit starts from $39 , you definitely cannot beat that price. If you are not particularly fussy, you can get some decent looking suit for under $100.  So definitely check this online place out first before letting the spouse make you spend a lot of money on something you are probably going to wear only once.

20 Jun

Furniture For Tablets


This is my perfect furniture to hold my tablet while I’m watching tv and doing some craft work or playing a game and need to go on the internet to look for info for my game.   This is called the Toi Table  by Salvatore Indriolo but at € 610,00 – I think I might have to look for another alternative or make one myself.