19 Mar

Gamer Rings


Customers asked me all the time if I sell gamer rings at our store, unfortunately, we don’t but the  military ring  that I’ve seen online is something I would wear myself as a gamer.  Why?  they are stainless steel, affordable and quite appropriate for just about any gamers to wear.  I might just get some in to re-sell at our store.  So if you are one of those looking for a gamer ring , try these military ones instead.

18 Mar

Windows 10 Free For All


Yes, you heard right!  even for the pirates, those who’ve pirated the software for ages.  What the hell right?  So what’s the catch here?  So if you are running on Windows OS  – anyone, you can upgrade for free, yes, even those illegal copies.  But I wonder if those who are illegally downloaded would dare get an upgrade?  in case they do get into trouble?  I’ve heard good things about the new Windows 10 and in the summer, you will be able to do the upgrade on your own.  I’ve tried the trial version , and it seems to work pretty good thus far.

17 Mar

A Handy Man’s Trash Can


Every guy I know should have  this rev a shelf trash  because it’s got to be one of the neatest design that is sure to improve the look of any kitchen.  I bet my spouse would love me , if I give her one of these trash cans for her birthday.  Ours is just so dirty looking and it makes the bottom of our cabinet look so dirty as well.  With this stainless steel pull out trash, it definitely looks like something everyone can use at home and even in the office.  May cost a little more but it would definitely save you a lot of cleaning time and money to replace it , each time it gets dirty looking or worn out.

15 Mar

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb


One of the last movies that Robin Williams was in is the Night of the Museum.  I think there won’t be another sequel after this.  Therefore, everyone has to watch this.  For those who’ve watched Night of the Museum before , you won’t be surprised and know what to expect of course, for those who haven’t watched it before, it’s about artifacts coming alive in the night after the museum is closed.

In this last sequel , it’s about Ben Stiller trying to keep the magic alive forever , for the artifacts seems to be fading away on its own.  But of course, it’s the magic tablet that had the answer and history to it and in order to find the secret, they had to travel to London to find it.

The movie was pretty good, but some parts in the story just didn’t match up or tally but it’s afterall just a movie.

10 Mar

Final Fantasy XV


Final Fantasy XV is going to be out for sale soon.  Although the spouse doesn’t want to pay so much for a new game,  he is still looking up and reading a lot about it recently.  I think he wants to be able to justify paying so much for a new game instead of waiting for a used copy to come into the store.

The video game will be releasing on PS4 and the Xbox One , release dates are still pending but one can expect to pay like $69 + tax here in Canada.  Are you getting one?

07 Mar

Easter Gifts For Customers


Some people give easter chocolates, easter flowers, easter cakes and even easter cookie dough to their customers. But this year, I think we might have to get bottles of  l’aromarine  and stuff them in the easter basket to give out to our customers.

Of late, some of the customers that have been coming in don’t smell the best.  I feel bad for other customers who are in the store, buying a game or choosing a movie because I’ve had some customers who turned around immediately and leave the store.

So this easter, we figured we would get them something and hint to them that they have to take care of their personal hygiene a little bit more.  And I’m not talking about those who just got back from work or coming in from fishing , I’m talking about those who came from home to our store , so there should be no excuse to be smelling that bad.   So hopefully, the bottles of eau de toilette would be enough hint to them.

01 Mar

Far Cry 4 ‘Valley of the Yetis’ DLC

Released date scheduled on the 10 of this month, I’ve people asking for Far Cry 4 as early as January.  As the game already said, it’s all about hunting a Yeti or is it a few Yetis?  This is an expansion of the previous DLC pack and is said to be better and let its player do more shooting and hunting.


25 Feb

5th Edition D&D books


Many had been asking for D & D books, so i finally found some from a supplier and guess what , no one wants to buy the books. Quite crazy as it may sound but this is what happens to small businesses like ours, we do try and please our customers but of course, not all will come back.  Lucky for me, at this point in my business, we don’t need to turn the money around immediately, so it’s quite ok.  Had the books cost an arm and a leg, I wouldn’t have gotten them.

20 Feb

Pet Owners 101


I have very  little time for games or movies these days because our home is beginning to look like a zoo.  Lucky for us, we found  EntirelyPets Pharmacy  for any prescription that our pets might need.   It all started with a rabbit that we found and then a cat showed up and another one and now we have a tortoise as well at home and some fishes.   So pet owners 101, I figured i should share it with all of you out there.  If you are a pet owner, whether it is for 1 pet or many like us, you have to have a vet on hand and a  pet pharmacy online as well.  When you become a pet owner, you have to take care of them especially their health and well – being.  Do not be one of those  pet owners that leave their pet to fend for themselves and feed them all kinds of food that you eat.  Different pets need different food, and if you cannot cater to their needs, please do not be a pet owner.

15 Feb

Pokemon Primal Clash


Pokemon Primal Clash booster boxes are back in stock, as well as Settlers of Catan 5-6 Player addon, D&D Starter Sets and the $3 boxes of top loaders.

Who would have thought that Pokemon would become so popular again.  We have been selling Pokemon by the boxes like candies here at the store and cannot keep them on the shelves.  Therefore, the next step is to host Pokemon games and tournaments soon.  Wish us luck!

10 Feb

Music Software


We’ve been getting a lot of requests at the store of late for music software and mixers from several musician/s locally of late.  A check with musicans friend  we found that they carry all the software that were requested.   Of course, we shared the information with our customers , so that they can go online and get the software for themselves , if not to peruse and see if there was something much better or at a better price.   Although we don’t carry them ourselves, we are only too happy to re-direct our local customers where they can find things that we don’t have.  That’s what customer service is all about.

08 Feb



What a weird show to say the least but since it was directed by Kevin Smith , I figured we had to watch it and also filmed in Canada , so definitely gotta watch it.

I was kinda grossed out by the show to be honest , about a podcaster who came to Manitoba , Canada after reading a very interesting message in the Men’s toilet of a bar.  So he headed to god knows where in the woods only to be drugged and limps chopped off and turned into a Walrus .  Yes, you heard right !  it’s just so weird and also sad feeling,  one don’t really know what to make out of the story and the director.

So people out there, know that there are some weirdos out there, be careful when you are offered a cup of tea in Canada?

05 Feb

Acoustic Electric Guitar


We haven’t seen a lot of  Ovation gear  or Acoustic Electric Classical guitar around town, so when a customer brought one in to sell at the store, I had to check it out.   I hear that they are good for jazz, Latin, flamenco or classical guitar players looking for balanced tone and exceptional plugged-in performance.  Unfortunately, I don’t play so well as of yet but that doesn’t mean that I cannot collect it and learn how to use it.  The price is right, so I’m seriously considering if I should get it.  But I’ll wait till I’ve checked with the spouse first.

01 Feb

MineCraft Plushies


Our minecraft plushies are selling like hot cakes, this is like our 3rd order and we seems to sell out faster than we can order them in.  Why?  because we are selling them at half the price of any local retailer because we don’t want an arm and a leg from the kids, we just want to make a bit of money and it will be a win win situation for us.  Our customers loved it and we are happy that we can offer good deals to them.  They are genuine minecraft plushies too – not fake ones.