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31 Jan

King Klak’anon

Tuesday raid (group) led us to the Court of Innovation and eventually to King Klak himself. While a little low level for our usual group, it was something new for most of us to explore and thanks to the now-great mentoring system (it really sucked when they first implemented it) we were able to make […]

26 Jan

Ghost dragon

Tuesday is typically raid night in EverQuest 2. However since The White Cross is a relatively small guild, we usually only have a full group of 6 online Tuesday night. This doesn’t stop us from trying to kill things we shouldn’t be killing though! Our fearless leader, Feonyx, found something new on his map so […]

14 Jan

Sweet gaming upgrade

So, I was stuck with all ‘old’ parts in my computer. AMD Athlon 2500+, Socket A motherboard, Radeon 9700PRO 128mb Video card and 1Gb of DDR-400 RAM. No slouch, certainly, but also not keeping up with the newer games. Upgrading the video card alone wasn’t really an option since my old board doesn’t support PCI-Xpress […]

14 Jan


I just got an email a couple days ago to inform me that I can access the Vanguard beta now, since I’m a Station Access member. Cool, I thought, I’ll check that out. . .. … 24 hours later … patching finally finished, a whopping 16.6 gigs later, I’m finally ready to play! Tried it […]

14 Jan

Hail TMF Tribe!

Been ages since I’ve heard that call and I do miss it. For those of you that don’t know, well, that would include pretty much the whole planet, it means Hail tha mutha fookin’ tribe! The call of Tribal Faith, the best guild I’ve ever been in, back in the good old days of EverQuest […]