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27 Feb

Gnerd gets a Makeover

Gnomes rock, in this game at least. My gnome rogue is the craziest looking toon I’ve had in any game so far and now he’s got a Lovely Red Dress to further push the whole crazy theme. I rarely play this guy, except for making Mooncloth every 4 stinkin days. Seriously, why the long cooldown […]

26 Feb

Minor Upgrade

It isn’t much, but I had a chance to dump that Sempron 3000+ for an Athlon 64 3200+. Definitely an improvement, although a dual core would have been preferred. But still, going from the Sempron running at 1.6ghz to the Athlon running at 2.0ghz (and much larger cache) things are working smoother now.

18 Feb

Back to WoW

Well, I guess EQ2 is good in small doses but then the draw of the Burning Crusade finally broke me.. I had to go back. For a couple months at least, til this time card runs out and then we’ll see what happens after that. It’s good to be back, however most of my old […]

08 Feb

Good TV

So many good shows on these days it’s hard to keep up. And most of them are a continuing story line, so if you miss an episode it can suck, especially if someone important died or a major event happened. Luckily though, most stations are now letting you watch the show for free on the […]

02 Feb


Been thinking about the course of this blog, and even though it’s been primarily about gaming and computers up to this point, lately I’ve been watching movies/TV more than I’ve been playing. So from this point on, it’ll be more of an entertainment theme in general.