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25 Mar

Intended direction

I started this blog with the intention to mostly blog about my gaming and some computer stuff in general. I also plan to sign up on some of the “get paid to blog” services, cause hell, I could use some extra spending cash, whether it’s to help with bills or save up for new upgrades. […]

19 Mar

Final Fantasy XII

Finally got around to trying out Final Fantasy XII for the PS2 (not to be confused with Final Fantasy X-2). Pretty good game, combat is quite a bit different in this one, and for the first while it doesn’t really feel like you have much control over the battles. It gets more interesting and involved […]

13 Mar


Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach, good graphics & mildly interesting quests, but for my play style it’s just too hard. The first few quests went along ok, challenging but possible. After getting a little ways past the first town however, I started getting mobbed by 3 or 4 monsters at a time which is just […]

09 Mar

Club Pogo

Haven’t played anything on in a long time so the other day I went back to play me some word whomp and noticed a free trial for club pogo. Figured I might as well check it out since most of the regular games haven’t changed much in years. There are some fun new games […]

01 Mar

Kalamaf in Hell…

Hellfire Peninsula..One of many cool new environments in the new Burning Crusade expansion. Also one of the last times I’ll ever see my turban again, almost all of my old gear is pathetic compared to the greens and quest rewards I’ve been seeing so far. Getting a nice stack of Large Brilliant Shards built up […]