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28 Apr

Summer TV

Spring is here and most of our favorite shows are coming to an end this month. At least over the summer there are a couple of shows to provide occasional entertainment. The 4400, which I think must have started as just a mini-series that turned out to be very popular. The first season was only […]

24 Apr

WoW again

Ok so that wasn’t much of a break really, but the weekend is over and it’s time to bring the 360 back to the store and put it up for sale. Time card time again, so I’m back at it for another couple months. Didn’t seem right to just quit so soon after getting 70, […]

20 Apr

XBox 360

Someone came into the store today to sell a 360, got a good deal on it too as they were hard up for money and only looking for $300. Came with 6 games, 3 controllers. I brought it home for a few days to play around with before putting it up for sale. Fun system […]

10 Apr

Level 70!

Dinnnnggggg 70, and it took almost 2 months just for those 10 levels. It’s rather slow going with only 2 or 3 hours a day to play, but that’s fine, no rush. Quests are worth a lot more now, instead of getting around 4g per quest I now get around 11g, and there are still […]