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31 May


One of my old favorites on the web, and current favorites as far as that goes, has been watching the Strong Bad emails over at The best 2 that come to mind are Dragon and Guitar. Dragon is awesome simply because it’s the birth of Trogdor. Guitar, well, it’s just because I like heavy […]

30 May

Got questions? Ninja got answers!

I’ve been watching this guy on youtube for a while now and just recently found my way to his official web site. His videos are even available on DVD now, which is very cool. I’ve been thinking of ordering a copy to rent out in my shop. Really funny stuff, he tackles reader questions and […]

30 May

Spiderman 3

Finally got around to seeing Spiderman 3. Yeah I know, slacker. Overall, I liked it. I don’t know why people would come out of this crying however, but I heard a lot of people did. If you haven’t seen it yet, hit page down a couple times and don’t read this! The effects were excellent, […]

29 May

Gaming Updates

Over the last few days I’ve been making some progress in my current 3 games. LOTRO Trial, now level 14 and have been running around the Shire, helping hobbits. Still having fun with it, and the challenge level has gone up a little bit. Not much though, but I have died a couple of times […]

29 May

Epic Movie? Riiiiiiight…

God damn, this series is getting old and stale. Why do I keep watching them? I have no idea. The original Scary Movie was the best of the spoofs. It was fresh of course since it was the first one. 2, 3 and 4 were all down hill. And what do they do? They branch […]

28 May

Last Scenario

Well shit, this is just too cool! Not only have I found an old-school RPG (think Super NES era like Final Fantasy & Chrono Trigger) but it was also developed by a goon! That’s right, a goon. For the uneducated out there, errr, best to let you just learn on your own. The game is […]

26 May

Yo Ho Ho and all that

I’m holding a firm grasp at 4th place on the pirate ladder. The top 3 are still over 200 points ahead though so it’s gonna take a while to catch up. There’s still 40 days left in the round however so it’s still any body’s game. Join in! It’s fun! My only concern here is […]

25 May


Dinggg 10. Ok so it’s a minor ding, but I’m having fun and enjoying this great game while I can. If I come into some extra money (is there really any such thing?) over the next few days I just might have to pick up a copy. Otherwise, once my 10 days is up, it’ll […]

24 May

Pirate Life continued

Yarrrghhh! A day in the life of a pirate has brought me up in the ranks fairly quickly, so far. I’m talking of course, about Legend of Morgan. I’m now up to reputation 97 (8th place overall) with the current top pirate being over 400 rep. I’ve learned a few things since yesterday.. such as, […]

24 May

Arrrrr matey

Be a pirate and have a chance to win some real money every 45 days? Hell yeah, sign me up!Legend of Morgan is a web based game where you take on the role of a pirate. At the end of every round, the top 3 pirates win real cash, with the 1st place prize being […]

23 May

Of course I’m a dwarf

First impressions, LOTRO is pretty good. Runs fairly smooth at 1600×1200 on High settings, would be better if I had a faster CPU I’m sure, and more RAM. Task manager has LOTRO using 416mb currently with total system load being around 1209mb (I only have 1gb so it’s doing a fair bit of swapping as […]

23 May

Heroes Finale

In a nutshell, good ending for volume 1, confusing ‘start’ for volume 2. Is it going to be entirely set in the past? Or was that just a glimpse due to Hiro’s time travelling? I assume Nathan went boom, but I wonder why couldn’t Peter just fly up himself? I guess he was either concentrating […]

23 May


Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar Long ass name for a game, about to see how it stacks up. Some friends have started playing it recently so I snagged a buddy key (10 day free trial) from one of them and borrowed his discs. Installing it now and will try it out later […]

22 May

Is this it?

I realize it’s been years since I played Anarchy Online, so maybe I’m forgetting something. But so far it seems like all I do is get a mission, finish it, get a mission, finish it.. or get 2 missions, finish them.. repeat. Sell loot, buy a better gun or piece of armor, etc. I guess […]