28 May

Last Scenario

Well shit, this is just too cool! Not only have I found an old-school RPG (think Super NES era like Final Fantasy & Chrono Trigger) but it was also developed by a goon! That’s right, a goon. For the uneducated out there, errr, best to let you just learn on your own. The game is Last Scenario by Origami of the Something Awful Forums.

First impression, I like it. Graphics are great for the style, it’s been too long since I’ve played a top down 2d RPG and I miss them. It’s obvious that Origami put a lot of effort into this during the year it took to create (using RPG Maker XP).

Cheesy story to start off, a ‘hero’ has to go look in a cave to save a cat. Fine. I’ll save the cat. Get into the cave, get attacked by a wolf. It does 0 dmg. Errr, what?

Next fight, 2 bats. Again, 0 dmg.

Uhm ok, is this game a joke or something?

Third fight, a kobold. It manages to do 1 dmg. Well, at least it’s a start.

A few minutes and a few more easy fights later I’m level 3 and there’s a save point, ok must be a boss coming up. Fight starts, it poisons me and repeatedly whacks me for around 5 dmg, I use a healing leaf and not realizing I have more than 1, I die a horrible poisoned death.

In the rematch I realize that I have 3 herbs instead of just 1, so I manage to beat the boss by using all 3 and still being half dead by the end.

Cool! Old-school challenge too! So many games out these days are way too simplistic. Well, the battles are too easy. Learning various ability grids and stuff tends to be far from simple. I’m about a half hour into this now and it’s got me hooked already. Good job Origami!

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