24 May

Pirate Life continued

Yarrrghhh! A day in the life of a pirate has brought me up in the ranks fairly quickly, so far. I’m talking of course, about Legend of Morgan. I’m now up to reputation 97 (8th place overall) with the current top pirate being over 400 rep. I’ve learned a few things since yesterday.. such as, doing undertakings repeatedly will actually raise your ability points. Not sure how many successes it takes, but around 30 or 40 fishing trips raised my CON by 1 point. Armed with that knowledge, I’ve started burning down more buildings in an effort to raise my WIS. Higher WIS means I’ll earn more bonus money from my slaves. My main stat, CONstitution, doesn’t help with any of the main income sources, but it does make my guards more effective so I figure that’ll be a good thing later in the game.

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