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28 Jun

Fricken phishers/scammers/spammers

You all get them, they used to come from Nigeria, but now seem to be from just about anywhere. I used to just delete them and ignore it, but lately I’ve taken to sending nasty replies just for the fun of it. Today’s example: “I lost my parents in a ghasty road accident few months […]

25 Jun

The Keepers House

The following story is my entry in a little writing contest over at Gravel crunched as his car skidded to a stop in the driveway.  Karl quickly inspected the old run-down building. It looked like no one had lived there for years even though months of investigating had led him to this very spot. […]

24 Jun

Armada Online = Good!

Been playing this a bit for the last few days and so far it’s good. As soon as I installed it and the patching completed, it crashed to desktop, ugh! I started it again and it worked flawlessly from that point on. It’s pretty fun too, quite similar to the old Dreamcast game, but less […]

22 Jun

Return of the Quest Whore

Signed up for EQ2 again last night and played for a bit. As usual it takes a while to get used to the controls again and trying to relearn which spells are buffs and heals and so on. Went to Rivervale to work on those infernal book quests a bit more since the mobs are […]

18 Jun


Someone brought in a Dreamcast today and that got me thinking about Armada, one of the best games  out for the system.  Which reminded me that Armada 2 was supposed to be out ages ago for the PS2 and XBox.  Which reminded me that I had found Armada 2 became Armada Online.  I tried the […]

18 Jun

Rise of Kunark

Was just reading about the newest EverQuest 2 expansion coming down the pipe, Rise of Kunark. Starting to have mixed feelings about these expansions but overall I do like them. The nostalgia is great because I remember playing through the originals back on EQ1 so many years ago, but part of me would like to […]

18 Jun

The Return

Watched this one yesterday, finally, I know it’s been out for a while but I just didn’t get around to watching it. It stars Sarah Michelle Gellar and the previews made it look kinda Grudge-like, but now that I’ve seen it, it’s not quite the same thing. Her character, Joanna, is plagued by visions of […]

18 Jun

Questin again

Logged into WoW last night for a couple hours and saw that some local guildies were online doing quests up in Netherstorm so I invited myself along and helped out. Got a few of my own done too. Got some half decent items but what I’m wearing is better so I just disenchanted them as […]

14 Jun

Grrrr payperpost, why do you forsake us?

Looks like there’s getting to be some decent new opps coming up these days on payperpost, but argh!, they’re for US residents only??!? Irritating! The one for the movie 1408, US only. New one this week for Reno 911! Miami, also US only. I own a rental store, Reno 911 is available here in Canada […]

13 Jun

Another little upgrade

Woot, had a chance to ‘upgrade’ again, another small step but hey, it’s a nice one. For a short time I had an AMD Athlon 3200+ (2ghz) CPU, I just popped in an AMD Athlon X2 3600 (1.9ghz per core). So for some things it will be a tiny bit slower, but since I always […]

13 Jun


Watched this tonight, it was better than I expected actually. Eddie Murphy does a decent enough job as both Norbit and the black woman, but I must admit I was very surprised when the credits rolled at the end and I saw that he also played the Chinese guy. When I first saw heard about […]

12 Jun

Sopranos – The Final Finale

Just watched the final episode. It was good. Very good. Not quite as action packed as the one before it, but it does kinda wrap up a lot of the little stories. SPOILER ALERT don’t read the rest if you haven’t seen it yet.

10 Jun


Can’t wait to see tonights Sopranos, last weeks episode was great. More action in that one episode than in the entire Season 6’s 19 previous episodes. That’s pretty bad actually. I used to really enjoy the show, but the last couple seasons were going downhill. Not that I hate the show now or dislike it […]

08 Jun

New home

Slowly getting everything set up on the new host and trying to learn wordpress at the same time. Luckily it has a handy import feature that gathered up all my previous posts for me, that made things go a little quicker. I’ll probably be trying out different templates as I go until I find one […]