Archive for June 6th, 2007

06 Jun

Shrek the 3rd

Looking forward to seeing this one soon although will probably end up waiting til it comes on DVD.

06 Jun

Bored with WoW

Yup, looks like I’m thoroughly bored with Warcraft now. I logged in yesterday to re-do my falling death for screenshot purposes, and after collecting my corpse I couldn’t even get up enough motivation to leave town to go kill stuff. Darn it. /camp. Logged into my hunter, killed a couple mobs and was also bored. […]

06 Jun

EEeeeeeee….. SPLAT!

It’s all fun and games until someone runs out of light feathers. Yeah. That’s me, I did that.Dismounting from a gryphon while hundreds of feet in the air, and then casting levitate just before smashing my corpse on the rocks below, is really fun. But uhm, make sure you have lots of feathers!