14 Jun

Grrrr payperpost, why do you forsake us?

Looks like there’s getting to be some decent new opps coming up these days on payperpost, but argh!, they’re for US residents only??!? Irritating! The one for the movie 1408, US only. New one this week for Reno 911! Miami, also US only. I own a rental store, Reno 911 is available here in Canada too, duhhh. And last I checked, a lot of the people who read this are in the states.


See all those little white dots scattered all over the states? Yeah, me too.

Hopefully PPP can convince the studios to let people outside the US take these posts as well. I guess part of the issue is that some of them are offering prizes and stuff and there are export laws to consider. But, I don’t care about the prizes, I’d be more than happy with the $8 just for being able to write the post.

2 Responses to “Grrrr payperpost, why do you forsake us?”

  1. jamy Says:

    Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Tricia Says:

    I agree. 1408 is playing here in Toronto. Opened the same time as in the US. 🙁

    Your comments still follow. You need the do follow plugin. As I said in my reply in the PPP forum go to the first page of the thread to get the link for the plugin. 🙂

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