05 Jun

Rat Race

While out of town this weekend I watched an old favorite, not that old I guess since it came out in 2001. Rat Race, reminded me a lot of the old Cannonball Run style movies, but funnier! The cast for this movie was awesome, especially John Cleese playing a nutjob (eccentric) rich guy who picks 6 contestants and convinces them to race across the country to find a bag containing 2 million dollars in a locker in Silver City. Of course it’s not just a race, he has gathered rich people from around the world to bet on who will win the $2m. Along the way they bet on all kinds of crazy things like which chocolate is next in a box and how much a hooker would charge for doing silly things.

The contestants are also wonderfully cast and all hilarious in their exploits while attempting to beat the others across the country. John Lovitz, Rowan Atkinson, Whoopie Goldberg, Seth Green, Cuba Gooding Jr. and that guy who played Newman. So many other good ones too. I’ve seen this movie a dozen times or more and it still cracks me up from start to finish.

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