18 Jun

Rise of Kunark

Was just reading about the newest EverQuest 2 expansion coming down the pipe, Rise of Kunark. Starting to have mixed feelings about these expansions but overall I do like them. The nostalgia is great because I remember playing through the originals back on EQ1 so many years ago, but part of me would like to see some original content that has nothing to do with the old game. The adventure packs used to fill that gap by providing new stuff to the game, but lately there’s hardly any of those coming out. The Dynasty one was great, I had a lot of fun in that one.

When it’s all said and done though, if I’m playing EQ2 again when RoK comes out, I’ll be buying it just because. Did I mention that I’m a quest whore in EQ2? I love the face that they track the # of completed quests, at one point early on I actually made the top 10 on the server. Then I got bored and took a break, didn’t play for almost a year, and when I did come back, I was still in the top 200 questers on Mistmoore.

I think once WoW runs out I may be going back to EQ2 for a month at least, just to see if the quest whore takes over once again. Last I checked I was still in the top 100 from a few months ago.

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