16 Jul

EQ2 Quest – Sword of Destiny

What have I gotten myself into this time?  Some guildies told me they were working on the Sword of Destiny quest the other day, so I asked where it started and flew off on my magic carpet to check it out.  Starting in the Commonlands with an easy trip to 3 different statues to kill a total of 5 guardian spirits, then I had to go down in the sewers below Qeynos to meet up with Fippy Darkpaw the 4th.

Then it was a long trip to Kelethin, and I must say here, I hate Greater Faydark in EQ2.  Hate it a lot.  Kelethin was my least favorite city in EQ1 and Kelethin & GFay are my least favorite so far in EQ2.  But anyway, then it was off to Steamfont, and now I’m in New Tunaria to do some more mildly irritating sub-quests.  They’d be a lot less irritating if I’d just go out and finish off level 65.  At 66 these mobs would be gray and I’d be able to stroll around at my leisure at least part of it, which requires getting and filling 8 urns.

The best part?  The step that the other people in my guild are doing requires finding 50 different statues scattered around a lot of different zones all over Norrath.  This is going to be a seriously long quest series and I hope that the sword at the end is the be-all end-all of weapons, heh.  But who am I kidding, I’m a quest whore.  I’d be doing these quests anyway even if all I got was a butter knife at the end. =)

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