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31 Aug

Alt night

Last nights raid night turned into Alt night, and since I was a little late getting on they were already halfway through Nektropos Castle by the time I logged in.  Not a big deal though, my highest alt is only level 19 which would be way too low for that.  Instead I opted to log […]

31 Aug

Garden Deco

Summer is almost over already and that means it’s clearance sale time at the Online Discount Mart. There’s some great deals to be had on flags, bells, bird feeders, garden gnomes and all other Summer items in order to make room for their Fall and Halloween lineups. Go check it out, they have the largest […]

30 Aug

Now we’re getting somewhere

I spent some more time in Dungeon Runners last night and quickly discovered that even though it looks like World of Warcraft, it plays like Diablo. Click click click click click potion click click click potion click click DING! Level 2 click click click and so on. It’s fun! I’m currently up to level 7 […]

30 Aug

Free Articles

Looking for new content to blog about or just fresh daily news for your website? has over 100,000 free articles spanning more than 60 categories. Simply insert a piece of code into your website, choose the categories you would like displayed and you’re all done. Thousands of relevant articles can be added to your […]

29 Aug

Dungeon Runners

Dungeon Runners is a relatively new online RPG that feels very similar to World of Warcraft. It’s free to download and free to play, so that’s a big plus for it right there. The world feels fairly populated and quests are done a lot like in WoW as well, with quest givers having a big […]

29 Aug

Buying game gold

If you feel the need to buy in-game currencies with real cash then you might as well get the best deal for your hard earned money. Mudflation is one way to compare gold sellers before you buy. Gold pricing info is pulled from several sources while you wait, which is good, it means the prices […]

29 Aug

Those Darn Peacocks

It feels like I’ve been doing the Peacock quest arc for years.  Wait a sec, it HAS been years!  It’s an incredibly long series consisting of 19 quests, and several of those have sub-quests making for a total of around 29 quests.  I’m currently running down quest 13c in the Living Tombs since I had […]

27 Aug

Power Cords

TCA Inc. is a great place to get cables online, from Cat 5 network cables to the new HDMI high definition video/audio cables. They will soon be stocking a large variety of adapters and power cables as well, so if you need a new power cord for your PC or laptop be sure to check […]

25 Aug

Quest 1500!

Just finished off quest number 1500.  The lucky quest was Musings of Love, in Shimmering Citadel, preceded closely by 2 collection quests that I finished off last night but hadn’t gotten around to handing in yet. 1500 quests.  That’s a lot of fricken quests.  Only 59 people on the server have finished more than me […]

25 Aug

Technology forum

There’s a cool new forum out there for anyone looking for information on technology. Many experts hang around at the DiscussWeb IT community, answering questions on subjects like programming, hardware, servers or even just basic HTML for those budding Website designers. If you need to know how something works in the IT world, this is […]

24 Aug


Hit level 70 early last night, and 70 AA also.  Almost to 71AA already since a lot of grey quests still give a bit of Exp.  We ran around in Kaladim for a couple of hours last night to get the 2 statuettes.  After grabbing those we went page hunting for the Tome quest in […]

23 Aug

More Updates

The last few days I’ve spent just running around old zones finishing off more grey quests. I currently have 15 slots available in my journal, that’s the most I’ve had empty since… well… probably since I started the game. After finishing off the Lost Legend of Lavastorm heritage, I went back to my statuette collecting. […]

19 Aug

Quests finished

Earlier today I finished gathering the runes for To Speak as a Dragon and tonight I grabbed a fellow guildie and dragged them out to Antonica so I could mentor down when doing the final hand-in. I also finished gathering up the burned remains of those poor saps needed for the Lost Legend of Lavastorm […]

14 Aug

Should have known better

Last night I played my new flying SK for a couple hours, got him up to level 10, crafting level 9 and 1 aa point. I got him set up on the broker to sell my harvests, I actually got 6 rares and 2 striped brown moths which are selling for around 5g each. I […]