14 Aug

Should have known better

Last night I played my new flying SK for a couple hours, got him up to level 10, crafting level 9 and 1 aa point. I got him set up on the broker to sell my harvests, I actually got 6 rares and 2 striped brown moths which are selling for around 5g each. I couldn’t figure out how to set things up to do real money sales.

After logging out for the night I hit Google and found the sign up page for the Exchange servers, and that’s when the disappointment began. Apparently, even though it’s been around for two years already, Station Exchange (SE) is still only available to gamers in the United States. That sucks. Really sucks. eBay is available world-wide, as is PayPal, so I don’t see what the big deal is with offering SE to everyone, or at least to North America.

Rather unfair to let people play on the SE servers without letting them know in advance that if they are not in the US they won’t be able to partake in the real money trading, which in most cases would be the reason they chose an SE server in the first place.

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