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30 Sep

Garage storage

Our basement is a cluttered mess, it’s unfinished and has absolutely no furniture so there are boxes piled everywhere. Since it’s just a cement floor, some sort of garage storage type units would be perfect to help organize things down there. I have a section set aside for a work area and some shelves & […]

29 Sep

Ridiculous Bottlenecks

It seems that SOE just can’t escape the insane camp completely.  Despite the fact that most quest updates are automatic and don’t actually require looting an item, there are still some quests in the game which do.  An Old Memoir is one of those such quests, requiring a bunch of pages to be found which […]

26 Sep

Family Guy back in Style

Family Guy is definitely one of my favorite animated shows, along with Simpsons and American Dad. Season 6 was just kicked off with a special hour long episode spoofing Star Wars Episode IV and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It’s been years since I’ve watched Star Wars or any spoof of it and this was the […]

26 Sep

An unintentional break from Questing

For the last week or so I just haven’t been able to get back into questing. Having too much fun with the alts for now. My LoN farming bruiser, Rearghhh Fistinyerskull, is now level 23 and has killed 1,571 mobs, I’ve lost track of the number of chests that dropped but I figure around 130. […]

22 Sep

Cool hats

Now that EQ2 has that separate appearance tab for wearing different armor just for the looks, I think it’s time they add some cool and funny outfits. Halloween is just around the corner so costumes would be a great idea. Also, us Dwarves being the heavy drinkers we are, need some special gear like lampshade […]

22 Sep


I got a good laugh out of seeing these guys in Barren Sky the other day.  Even though I’ve been near there several times I had never gone up the chain to where they’re hiding. The inspiration for this, of course, is the ORly owl, spawned somehow someway at the Something Awful forums.

20 Sep

Chest Quest: Part Deux

So I deleted the bruiser and recreated him.  I decided to lock exp at level 1 and proceeded to kill 250 of the little elementals.  During that time I got only 12 or 13 chests, around a 1 in 20 ratio anyway, so I figure the con color doesn’t have so much to do with […]

19 Sep

Making money Online

The biggest problem with trying to make money online lies in trying to sort out the scams from the legit methods. There are tons of places promising that you can make thousands of dollars a month by working just a few minutes a day. Sadly, this just isn’t the case and like the old adage […]

19 Sep

The Quest for Chests

Since LoN boosters and starters have a chance of dropping from any level mob, I decided to make a shiny new DPS toon and starting grinding through low level critters in an attempt to get some more cards. I’ve never tried a monk class in EQ2 and I hear they are great for mowing down […]

19 Sep

Load up your iPod

If you have a large music collection and just don’t have the time or know-how to get it all stored on your iPod, then is just what you need. They provide a number of truly unique services. To start off, they will send a custom shipping kit to your house. Fill up the box […]

18 Sep

A few updates

The humor in Dungeon Runners continues to amuse me, even though the monster variety is getting a bit thin. I usually only play the game for a half hour at a time so if i don’t manage to find a door to the next level, when I come back to the game later I have […]

16 Sep

Free Piano Lessons

I’ve never been good with musical instruments although I really wish I could play something. A while back I got a keyboard pretty cheap for the wife, and since it has a training thing built in I decided to give it a shot. I still can’t play a note or read a note, but I […]

16 Sep

Yick, armor change

I hadn’t even noticed for a day or two after the update, until last night when we went to Unrest and someone mentioned it over Vent. Then I scrolled around to the side and sure enough, I had gone from being a black & white sideways zebra to more of a crap brown armor. Speaking […]

16 Sep

A/V Presentations

I’d love to have been able to attend E3 at some point in my life, to see all the latest and greatest games and technology being presented in a big way. Huge hi-def screens and loud booming sound systems all showing off cutting edge gear. Seriously, what’s the point of promoting masterpieces like Gears of […]