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31 Oct

EQ2 – Back to Maj’Dul

In an effort to find more easy quests to complete I’ve headed back to Maj’dul. I had originally aligned myself with the Court of Truth, and have yet to finish all the quests for that house. This morning I did a couple more of them and am working on the final one now, then it’s […]

31 Oct

Makeover Time

Ogres aren’t very pretty, especially by celebrity type standards, so with that in mind I set out to give Rearghhh a makeover today. He started out looking like this: First off after entering a picture you have to go through some settings like telling where the eyes and mouth are, and the general shape of […]

31 Oct

Return of my 360

It’s barely been 2 weeks since I got that dead Xbox 360 and it’s back already! I’m impressed with the speed with which Microsoft is responding to these Ring of Death repairs. I called in about the problem on October 15th and it was all said and done by October 30th. This included waiting 2 […]

31 Oct

Doin What a Dwarf Does Best

Hic! What’s that? Ohhh.. a dwarf drinks best, that’s what he does. Mead, ale, wine, beer, you name it they’ll chug it. Hic! For those of you out there who are a little more refined in your alcohol consumption though, is a must read. With nearly 9,000 drink recipes you’ll never go ‘thirsty’ again! […]

26 Oct

M:TG Online – Using a Bot

Shortly after I started playing MTGO I decided to try out a bot so I could do some buying and selling to get cards I need and get some extra tickets to also use to buy cards. YaTBoT includes a 3 day trial and I could see that a lot of people running bots were […]

26 Oct

Get Spocked

Nope, it has nothing to do with Star Trek, Spock is a people search engine that goes beyond the typical realm of entering a name and seeing what you can find. With you can search by a person’s name of course, but you can also search by ‘tags’ such as hair color, age, country, […]

24 Oct

M:TG Online – Collecting

Another great thing about playing Magic online is that the cards are much easier to keep track of which makes collecting sets a lot easier. Also, since the cards are virtual, you can make as many decks as you want and never need more than 4 of each card (except for land of course). The […]

23 Oct

Webbyplanet Coupons & Deals

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I hate to pay full price for my gadgets and things. I tend to wait until they come on sale or even pick stuff up second hand if it’s in good shape and I can test it out first. My monitor was $100 off, my iPod […]

23 Oct

Boring few Days in Norrath

The last few days I haven’t been playing much and when I do it’s been mainly harvesting in Zek and working on my woodworking.  Gained 3 levels yesterday, up to 37 now but still don’t have the recipe for the Chameleon Totems, pretty much my only reason for going down the woodworking path.  I haven’t […]

17 Oct

Magic: The Gathering Online

I’ve been playing Magic: The Gathering off and on for over 12 years, Revised edition was still selling in stores when I started.  I used to play every Friday at the local hobby shop and we normally had between 12 and 20 people show up.  Enough for a little tournament style play and it usually […]

17 Oct

Indie Horror Films

Movies don’t have to come from Hollywood in order to be good or make a lot of money. There have been lots of small Indie films that turned out great and had quite a cult following. Clerks and the Blair Witch Project are two that come to mind which were extremely low budget movies that […]

15 Oct

Doh! The lights are back

So after blowing out the dust and hooking it all up, I played Oblivion for about 5 minutes and it froze up.  I shut it down and restarted it, heard some freaky digital type strangled noises and the screen stayed black.  Ugh.  A third reboot and the 3 flashing lights were back.  No biggie though, […]

15 Oct

XBox 360 – 3 Red Lights

I just picked up an XBox 360 cheap.  Real cheap.  $40 including 2 wireless controllers cheap.  Of course, it’s not working and I knew that when I bought it.  It’s the dreaded red ring of death problem, but since I know that M$ has extended the warranty to 3 years on this problem and the […]

14 Oct

Necro Time

I’ve never been a big fan of pet classes in any of the games I’ve played.  I prefer to rely on myself for the most part.  The only real exception to this so far was Hunter class in WoW, I did have some fun with that.  Generally I think I just don’t like having to […]