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28 Dec

Burnout Lite

For Christmas this year I got a copy of Flatout: Ultimate Carnage. I had somewhat enjoyed Flatout on the original XBox so I figured this would be a decent hold-over until Paradise comes out next month. So far I’m enjoying it although the first few races were pretty rough. Until you smash some people up […]

28 Dec

Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots is always in need of more toys, especially during the holiday season. This year they are in need of cash as well, to help with delivering those toys to the children who need them. You can help simply by sending free ecards from For each card sent, a cash contribution will […]

22 Dec

Tis the Season

I do a fair bit of work with an online marketplace named IZEA and while browsing their forums the other day I saw a thread started by Mama Bok. In this thread she put forth the idea of us all doing something for IZEA for Christmas, as a way to say thank you for what […]

21 Dec


If you’re in the UK and looking to do some traveling over the holidays or on your next vacation then check out Great trip prices are just a phone call away and along with booking your flight you can also use them for hotel and car reservations. A good example is flights to Thailand […]

17 Dec

PGR 3 and Burnout Paradise

Yep, Project Gotham Racing is old, ancient history now that #4 is out.  But I don’t have 4, I have 3 and it only cost me $5, so that’s what I played for a couple hours last night.  It’s not bad as far as racing games go but it takes a while to get used […]

17 Dec

Medina Management Rumors

Rumor has it that Medina Management Strategies may be getting into the Italian dessert business. Medina is alledgedly looking to add San Gelato to the list of franchises that it offers employee and management services too, joining the likes of Cuppy’s Coffee, Planet Wings and Specialty Coffee Co-op. To sit still in business is to […]

17 Dec

Gaming Updates

Been making a bit of progress across the various games I’ve been playing lately. In EQ2 I’ve hit level 75 Inquisitor (and 106 AA) with Kalamaf and level 76 Provisioner with Azeem. Been spending the last couple of days in Fens of Nasthar since I pretty much skipped it earlier and went to Kunzar Jungle. […]

17 Dec

Online Ads

Looking for more exposure for your website, blog or online business venture? Classified Flyer Ads will create ads for you and syndicate them across popular search engines and web directories to help bring you new traffic. As we know, traffic is king when it comes to online marketing – mass exposure is what it’s all […]

15 Dec

Gamefly Game Rentals

If you’re the type that always forgets to return your rentals on time, then Gamefly is worth looking into. Similar to what Netflix does for movies, Gamefly is all about the games. You can try the serivce out for free or start a subscription starting at just $8.95 for your first month ($15.95 regular price). […]

09 Dec

Karnor’s Castle – Horrible

So Thursday night for ‘raid night’ we actually had a full group online, and since most of us had been wanting to go it was an easy decision to go hit Karnor’s Castle. We’ve all heard that the zone is crappy exp, crappy loot and so on, but off we went anyway, prepared to at […]

09 Dec

LCD Screens Getting Cheaper

Currently I’m using a 20″ LCD monitor, Viewsonic, not their top of the line model but it does work well. The other day when I was browsing around one of the local stores I saw that they had the Acer 22″ widescreen LCDs on sale for like $259. Damn cheap, cheaper than my distributors, which […]

04 Dec

Blizzard/Activision merger

This has been all over the internet for the last few days and by now it probably isn’t news to anyone, but I had to comment on the first thing that popped into my head.  World of Warcraft currently has no bard class, right?  (It’s been so long I actually can’t remember).  Anyway, imagine having […]

02 Dec

Payday Loans

Sometimes, no matter how hard to you try to plan your budget, things just don’t go right. Your car could break down, your computer could die or any number of life’s little surprises could pop up and ruin your plans. In cases like this, a payday loan can be a life saver. I can’t stress […]

02 Dec

Guitar Hero 3 Updates

Earlier this week I finally finished my first minor goal of getting 5 stars on all songs in easy mode.  The only one giving me trouble was Slayer of course, took several tries but I finally managed to nail it.  My next task was to finally beat Lou on medium.  I had tried a few […]