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29 Feb

Songs Missing from Rock Band

While playing Rock Band at a friends house the other day we were yakking about what new songs we’d like to see in the game. He thought some of my choices were a little retarded, but then some of his were out to lunch too if you ask me. Tipa at West Karana just had […]

22 Feb

Freaky Avatars

There are some truly twisted possibilities when designing a rocker in Rock Band. One of the guys I was playing this week looked like a radioactive zombie with huge buggy eyes, bloodstains around the mouth and a variety of tattoos and face paint that made him look truly evil. I don’t know if this guy […]

22 Feb

Anyone Talking?

I’ve noticed over the last week or so that not many people bother using the voice chat while playing games like Rock Band, but about half the people I played with in Burnout Paradise were using a headset of some sort. Me, I’ve just got the basic one that connects to the controller. I’d like […]

22 Feb

I Want a new TV

DVI is so outdated, it’s really only used for computer to LCD monitor connections these days but even that is going to fade out. A new GeForce 8600GT that I sold this week has DVI/HDMI/Component connections on it and I expect that as time goes on, HDMI will become a standard feature. I’ve tried hooking […]

22 Feb

Xbox Quitters

Grrrrrr, these people are getting on my nerves! Every time I fire up Rock Band to play some ranked matches I always end up with 2 or 3 people who quit out early when they realize they are falling behind. Since I was trying to get my 20 wins achievement it gets annoying very quickly. […]

19 Feb

EQ2 has expired, now what?

I canceled my recurring 3 month subscription to EverQuest 2 a couple of months back and now that my billing cycle has come up, I’m done, for a while at least. I’m not exactly hurting for games to play these days and the xbox 360 is great for relaxing on the couch and killing time. […]

19 Feb

Debt Management

If you’re like most people, myself included, you have debts of one sort or another. Most often it’s those darn credit cards, sometimes it’s just overdue bills, a mortgage or maybe even income tax arrears. Whatever it may be, having a good solid debt management plan is a must if you ever want to get […]

15 Feb

My Xbox is Talking about Me

In a strange but entertaining turn of events, my XBox 360 is blogging about me behind my back! Karma and all that I guess, so it’s a good thing I never said anything bad about my 360 =) Give your xbox a voice and see what it has to say about you and your gaming […]

10 Feb

Shards of Dalaya

For anyone getting the urge to fire up the original EverQuest for nostalgic purposes, Shards of Dalaya is a free way to do so as long as you have Titanium version or higher. SoD is an EQ emulation, free to use and play although donations are appreciated and used to keep the server running. It […]

04 Feb

Not so Good Insurance Provider

The guys I’m renting my store from are also in the insurance business, providing home, business and car insurance. I used to get all 3 from them, but found that every year my premiums seemed to be creeping upwards. A customer/friend of ours was reminding me one day that he also sells insurance, so I […]

04 Feb

Need Furniture

I could use some new furniture for my humble little 3 roomer in North Freeport. Chairs that match would be a good start, and maybe some platform beds for those times when company gets too drunk to leave. Could just let ’em sleep on the floor though, cheaper for me and funnier too when one […]

04 Feb

PostieCon ’08

Last year, the first annual PostieCon was held in Las Vegas to correspond with the Bloggers Choice Awards. This year however, they will be holding it in Orlando, FL. It makes it easier to plan and easier for all the employees to attend, although for the posties it may not be quite the same. We […]

04 Feb

Good Landlord

The people we rent our store from have quite a lot of rental property investments, for example, they own the entire block where our store is located. Because of this, moving was made easier. I didn’t have to break my lease, they simply let me sign an extra year onto what was left of our […]

04 Feb

Moving.. grrr

I say it every time and yet here we are again, moving. I hate moving, I’m never moving again, blah blah blah. At least this time the move wasn’t far, just a few doors down on the same block so at least I didn’t need to hire a New York Moving Company. That would have […]