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31 Mar

‘Legal Pad Ponders’ on YouTube

Most of us get hours of enjoyment, or at least mindless entertainment, out of YouTube. User johnnyBwilson brings up an interesting point though, the fact that Google makes a shitload of profit off the backs of it’s users while providing them nothing in return. Except for free hosting of their videos of course, but considering […]

30 Mar

Earth Defense Force 2017

I’ve been seeing this XBox 360 title in bargain bins for several months now and after reading a couple reviews I was planning to pick it up. A positive comment on Something Awful sealed the deal and I grabbed it. It was tagged for $18.98 but there was a half price sale going on or […]

28 Mar

Rock Band Tournament

Looks like there’s going to be a little Rock Band Tournament happening in the next few days at and you won’t even need travel supplies because it’s going to be held online. Most likely it will mainly consist of single instrument face offs and not full bands. Hard and expert difficulty only so newbs […]

27 Mar

GH3 Progress! Finally!

Tonight I popped in Guitar Hero III and after playing through a few songs I decided to give 3’s and 7’s a shot, and I got through it on my first try! Only 3 stars of course, but beaten is beaten and on to Knights of Cydonia I go. And I beat that one too, […]

25 Mar

Guitar Hero 3 Brick Wall

Grrrr, I’m still stuck on set 7 in GH3 on hard difficulty. I did manage to scrape my way through Before I Forget, but Knights of Cydonia and 3’s & 7’s still kick my ass every time. Funny enough that I can play through the first 5 sets without failing and getting at least 4 […]

23 Mar

Call of Duty 4

I decided to download the demo and check out this gem that I’ve been hearing so many good things about. It’s been out for several months but I just haven’t felt like playing shooters lately. The last one I really spent any time playing was Doom 3, and Prey a bit actually, but that’s been […]

17 Mar

Rock Band/GH3/Burnout Updates

I’m still spending most of my gaming time on Rock Band, Guitar Hero 3 and Burnout Paradise and gradually improving in all three. For Rock Band I’ve beaten every song I have on hard and only have around 10 left to beat on expert, those are going to take a while though. The last 5 […]

14 Mar

Packrat Strikes Again

Better throw me into the drug rehab facility, I just spent the last couple hours immersed in Packrat. I’ve scrounged my way up to level 6, stolen things from all my in-game Facebook friends, bought several items off the marketplace and stolen from the likes of Rattori Hanzo, Captain Ratbeard and Marcel le Rat (I […]

14 Mar

Shooters on Consoles

During a late night gaming session earlier this week a buddy of mine was showing me the latest in the Call of Duty franchise. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on the XBox 360 looks amazing. I’m probably one of the last to experience this since the game has been out for a while now, […]

14 Mar

Devil May Cry 4

I finally got around to trying out Devil May Cry 4 tonight, yet another delay in my side quest to lose weight, but oh well, I’ll get around to that someday. I have mixed feelings on this one so far. In the 90 minutes I had the game in, it only let me actually play […]

13 Mar


We all know that Facebook is just loaded with tons of crappy little games that are interesting for a few hours, or in some rare cases a week or so, and here’s another to add to the list. In Packrat you do what a packrat would do, you hoard collectible cards in an effort to […]

06 Mar

Full Auto

Sometime last week I picked up a copy of Auto Assault for the XBox 360, cheap. Last night I finally got around to trying it out. Overall it’s a decent distraction but my first impression was ‘damn these cars handle like crap compared to Burnout’. And there-in lies the biggest problem with the game, the […]

06 Mar

Got Gas? Burn some water.

An old school buddy of mine was telling me a while back that he’s been making his own bio-diesel for his vehicles and that the stuff works awesome. In the last 6 months he’s only had to spend around $50 on diesel and that he’s put 10’s of thousands of KM on the cars in […]

06 Mar

AVG Version 8 now Available

I’ve been using the free version 7.5 of AVG for quite some time now, it works well and doesn’t get in the way. So many scanners I’ve tested in the past were just horrible. They’d hog resources, slow the computer down and constantly annoy me with popups asking if this or that is ok. I’ll […]