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28 Apr

I Can’t Sing

It’s official, I can’t sing. I decided to give Rock Band vocals a try last night and it was.. uhmm.. well, I did pass about 14 songs on easy. I tried one on medium and failed less than halfway through. I found out something new too, you can actually pass a song with 2 stars. […]

24 Apr

Need Patio Furniture

Spring is shaping up nicely around here and a couple of days have even felt like summer already with temperatures over 20C. We had a small deck built onto the house about 2 years ago but so far we have yet to get any furniture for it. Or a BBQ. This summer we plan to […]

24 Apr

Back to Burnout

I need a break from slaughtering armies of asian fighters (Dynasty Warriors 5), I’ve alread ground my way through 3 of the campaigns and still have 3 more to go. I also need about 70 of the officers. I managed to get the Hire-wide skill last night but I don’t find it gives me many […]

24 Apr

Zero Punctuation Game Reviews

Every Tuesday or when I remember, I head over to The Escapist Magazine to check out the new review by Yahtzee (Zero Punctuation). Once a week he reviews a video game and typically rips it apart, but in a good way. They are very entertaining and in some cases have even gotten the attention of […]

24 Apr

New Faucets

I’ve been looking into getting new bathroom faucets for the sink. The one we have at the moment is one of those jobbies that only has one control and you turn it either left or right to get hot or cold water. Now that the kid is old enough to use the washroom alone and […]

18 Apr

Less than smart Achievements

Some of the XBox Live achievements are a little on the stupid side, although it’s the games fault of course, not the achievement. I’m talking about those games that give out gamer score points for beating it on easy, and medium, and hard, and insane, and hamster-kicks-your-ass-with-a-ninja-sword and so on. The only game I’ve seen […]

17 Apr

Chilly Showers Suck

The faucet in our bathtub is one of those safety rigs, it can only be turned up so far on the hot water side. While this is fine in the summer, it’s no good in the winter. When the cold water in the taps gets even colder, the hot water stays the same which results […]

17 Apr

Backyard Entertainment

It’s almost that time of year again, when I can sit out on my back patio and watch the golfers wander around with their golf bags, smacking a little ball up the hill over the sand trap. I live by a golf course, it literally borders on my back yard. Good thing the tee is […]

17 Apr

Got Asbestos?

After hearing some of the horror stories surrounding asbestos I’m sure glad we never had the stuff in our home when I was growing up, ya know, back before they knew it could kill you. Probably the most serious result of being around asbestos is the chance of developing some illness or   cancer that can […]

17 Apr

Lepto-what now?

Someone told me to go check out a page of leptovox reviews and I was like, what the hell is a leptovox? As it turns out, Leptovox is a weight loss supplement, very funny buddy.. I’ll lose weight at my own pace when I feel like doing so, and I doubt that I’ll be spending […]

17 Apr

XBox Live Arcade

I noticed my Xbox hard drive was running low on free space today and that reminded me that I had turned on the auto download option a while back. When I checked my games library I see there were over 20 demos downloaded, mostly from the Arcade and a couple I had downloaded myself a […]

15 Apr

Attack of the Cheerleaders

Yup, it sounds like the title of a cheesy horror flick, but in fact it’s a new way to terrorize your friends. We’ve all seen the lovely e-cards that cheapskates friends like to send around during the holidays and special occasions. Company 81 has taken the greeting to the next level by allowing you to […]

15 Apr

Benefits of Having a Cold

I complained recently about having a cold that just won’t let go. It still won’t, the cough is hanging on like a bitch. One good thing came out of it though, during the cold I had just after the holidays I lost 5 lbs because I just didn’t feel like eating much for a few […]

14 Apr

Randy Miller on Tech Support

A phone call we all dread to make but eventually have to for one reason or another, is to a tech support line. Long waits on hold, talking to reps who don’t speak English as a first language and sometimes even having to pay for the call are common problems with support lines. An online […]