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26 May

Fancy Invitations

A buddy of mine is getting married and they sent me a fancy invite through invitationsĀ  It’s quite a step up from the last invitations we received which were just the cheap dollar store bulk pack where you have to write in the date/time/name and so on. Not that it was any less important of […]

26 May

Mold in the Basement

I had to go digging around in the basement for something the other day, through some boxes that haven’t been touched since we moved in over 3 years ago, and I had an unpleasant discovery. Mold. It seems that one corner of the basement had a bit of a leak sometime since we moved in. […]

26 May

More KuF: CoD

I unlocked several achievements in Circle of Doom yesterday. Killed a couple of bosses, stole all their loot, synth’d an item 10 times, got a 20 hit combo with a bloodlust weapon and reached level 40 with my first character. Monsters in video games just have no idea about weight loss I guess, the creepiest […]

26 May

My first Laugh with GTA IV

So my car blew up and I jacked the nearest thing I could find and took off on my merry way to try and finish off the mission I was on. When turning a corner I heard someone screaming. When grabbing some air over a small hill, I heard someone screaming. That’s strange, I don’t […]

22 May

Circle of Doom

So this weeks rental game is Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom. I tried the demo and it seemed fairly interesting, there’s a general lack of hack & slasher RPG types on the 360 so I figured the full game would be worth a shot. So far I’m finding it a little dull, there’s no […]

22 May


I’m up to level 7 now in Saga and the level 7 quests I have access to are starting to kick my ass. I chose the ‘War’ nation which is populated mostly by orcs. Now I don’t know what the best wrinkle cream on the market is these days, but damn if these orcs couldn’t […]

22 May

Stupid Credit Cards

One of the most aggravating thing about owning credit cards is the calls every couple of months offering me ‘valuable services’ These services range anywhere from credit protection to accident insurance to term life insurance and so on. Of course I made the mistake of putting my home phone number on a couple of the […]

22 May

Gaming on Multiple Computers

I mostly game at home on my xbox 360, lately anyway, I used to be mostly into PC games but for the last few months I haven’t found much that I felt like playing. I did start playing Saga recently though, and since the requirements aren’t super high I copied it onto my flash drive […]

21 May

GTA IV after a Week

My opinion of the game has vastly improved during the last week or so. I still hate the ‘realistic’ vehicle controls but it doesn’t become an issue very often now, I’ve learned to just drive slower. It’s a bitch when trying to lose the cops though, or when chasing down some asshole that needs killing. […]

15 May

Engobi Guitar Hero competition

ENGOBI, the company responsible for the first caffeine infused snack chip, is having a Guitar Hero contest. Announcing the Engobi “Don’t be a Piano Hero” contest! Make a video of you and your friends rocking out with your plastic guitars and upload them to Engobi. The winner will get this awesome XBox 360 customized Fender […]

14 May

GTA IV – Realism Getting out of Hand

I rented GTA IV yesterday and so far I don’t see what all the fuss is about. It’s dark, it’s a bitch to control, the camera angles suck ass when driving around corners. Maybe I should dump the story and just run around jacking cars for a while, it might be more interesting that way. […]

14 May

Two Worlds – Beaten

What a disappointing ending, and I finished it 3 times before I realized the game was really over. I got near the end and fought the big demon guy, that was cool and took a couple minutes to do. Then I went through the gate and started this chat with Gandohar, I didn’t feel like […]

12 May

Drummer not a Singer

I’m much better at drumming than singing apparently, I borrowed a set from a friend of mine who currently has no time to play. Since I had played a few songs on medium back in January I decided to continue on from there. It still takes some getting used to, and my leg still gets […]

10 May


It’s one thing to be able to use a GPS to see where something has been, but it’s even cooler to be able to tell where something is. Right now. In real time. There are so many uses for a live gps tracking system in today’s world. Find your stolen car, make sure your delivery […]