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25 Jun

Hellgate London

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about how Hellgate London didn’t turn out as good as people had hoped. “It was fun for a while”, “I regret paying for a lifetime sub”, that sort of thing. Up until now I hadn’t even tried the game, being too busy with the 360 and not wanting to […]

17 Jun

Medical ID

I’ve recently realized the importance of having some sort of medical id on your person at all times. My wife has been in and out of the hospital for the last couple of weeks due to an upcoming surgery, and her one allergy is to penicillin. An allergy that the health care people definitely need […]

17 Jun

Stupid Banks

A number of years ago when I was starting my business I made appointments with the 2 banks I normally deal with. I was planning to buy out the inventory of another store that was closing down but I didn’t have that kind of money laying around of course. It was only $15000, not a […]

17 Jun

Even Free isn’t Enough?

I guess I really am just burned out on MMO’s these days, even with EQ2 being free I find I hardly ever log in to play. A friend is into Age of Conan and plans to give me a buddy key whenever they finally start handing them out, but that isn’t really high on my […]

17 Jun

Shopping.. whee..

A lot of people we know having been popping out babies lately, that time of year I guess. Not all are having their own though, some are adopting baby girls from China. I must commend them on their decision, it’s certainly not cheap to adopt and they are giving the babies a much better life […]

12 Jun

Room’s too Hot

Summer is nearly here and I can sure feel it when doing something physical like banging on plastic drums. We recently replaced our curtains with some thicker, darker colored ones to help keep the bright sun off the TV. The downside of this is that the living gets really hot in the afternoon/evening when the […]

08 Jun

Still Banging the Drum…

… in Rock Band that is. After finishing the solo tour on medium I had started working on hard but quickly found I couldn’t get very far. I went back to medium to work on getting 5 stars on all the songs, this went pretty smoothly and I’ve now 5 starred all but 4 songs […]

02 Jun

Blue Dragon: XBox 360

Since I finished Lost in just 5 days I still had 2 days remaining on the rental. I brought it back to swap it for something else on Sunday for the remaining time. I decided to go with Blue Dragon, I hadn’t been overly fond of the demo but so far I’m really enjoying the […]

02 Jun

EQ and EQ2 free for 60 days

If you’ve ever had an EQ1 or EQ2 account but currently aren’t subscribing, SOE wants you back and they’re going to give you 60 days for free. On top of that they’re giving free access to all expansions currently available. That doesn’t mean much to me for EQ2, since I had bought RoK when it […]

01 Jun

Lost: Via Domus

This weeks new game was Lost: Via Domus. I love the TV series and follow it every week so I figured this should be a decent game to check out. I’m sure glad I didn’t buy it though, in less than a week I’ve finished it and gotten the full 1000 gamer points. I had […]