01 Jun

Lost: Via Domus

Lost: Via DomusThis weeks new game was Lost: Via Domus. I love the TV series and follow it every week so I figured this should be a decent game to check out. I’m sure glad I didn’t buy it though, in less than a week I’ve finished it and gotten the full 1000 gamer points. I had to replay parts of it to pick up stuff I missed the first time through and wow, the second time through there’s practically no challenge to it at all. 0 replay value, I figure the entire game could be beaten in 2 or 3 hours on a second run through.

I wish more of the original cast had lent their voices to their video game counterparts, but sadly most of the voices are rather dull and lifeless. As far as I could tell only Ben, Juliet and Desmond were voiced by the original actors. The characters remained faithful to the series however, right down to the outfits whether it’s Claire’s maternity clothes or Jacks t-shirt.

I did like the story, and the ending fits the Lost world well, confusing and cool at the same time. Controls weren’t horrible but the parts where you’re in the dark and need to use a torch kinda sucked. The absolute worst part of the game is the un-skippable cut scenes, especially at the beginning of chapter 6 where death comes easy and the opening cut scene plays every time you restart. It’s a good rental for fans of the TV show, but everyone else should probably just stay away.

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