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28 Jul

Damn it’s Hot

The weather here lately has been hot compared to last summer. Temps have been 25+ every day for the last couple of weeks, which is unusual. We normally have so much fog and cool winds that it never really gets too hot. Thankfully we’ve got auto air conditioning in the car and a bunch of […]

28 Jul

Piles of Clothing and Other Stuff

Damn, kids go through a lot of stuff in a big hurry. Not even 5 years old yet and we have several bags and boxes full of clothes she’s outgrown, along with small towels and crib bedding. Toys too, although they normally just get thrown in the trash when she’s done with them because by […]

21 Jul

Rock Band multiplayer

I finally got to play some more Rock Band multiplayer a couple weeks ago which means I actually made a bit of progress in the band world tour side of the game. We hit the limit of 260k fans pretty quick (other guy was playing on easy guitar, I was on medium/hard drums). Unlocking the […]

21 Jul

Open Season – Xbox 360

If you enjoy recent family oriented animated movies, Open Season in particular, I recommend checking out the game. Loosely based on the movie, it’s a blast to play especially if you have kids. It’s rather short though, taking only a few hours to play through from start to finish. Throw another hour or so on […]

17 Jul

360 VGA Cable

I’ve always wondered how a console would look when hooked up to a computer monitor, but I never wondered bad enough to drop $60 or more on a VGA box. I was browsing ebay the other day though and decided to see how much I could get an XBox 360 VGA cable for, and surprisingly […]

11 Jul

Super Cars

Happened across a cool blog today that is just loaded with information on super cars; Ferrari, Audi, Buggati, Lamborghini and dozens more. Only the fastest and coolest cars will be found here with news articles, inside information and drool-worthy pictures. I’ll never be able to afford a machine like those, but I can always dream, […]

11 Jul

No Country

I finally got around to watching No Country for Old Men a couple of days ago, it had mixed reviews, some saying it was great others saying it was horrible. I’m firmly in the ‘horrible’ camp. The pacing was so slow it reminded me of Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Sever, which was the slowest action movie […]

10 Jul

Beautiful Katamari

Holy crap what a frustrating game! I can’t believe the positive reviews it always seems to get, but since it was on sale really cheap and I hadn’t played any of the previous ones I decided to try it out. The controls are clunky and turning around takes forever, and my biggest peeve with games […]

10 Jul


Both me and the wife have been considering getting rid of our clunky old desktops and replacing them with notebook computers instead. It would make sense for the wife more so than for me since she just uses it for internet, pictures and movies. We could sell of both her home and work computer and […]

10 Jul

New Work

Sometimes I get a little discouraged with my current job. Being self employed has it’s obvious benefits of course, I don’t have to answer to anyone, I make the decisions and I keep the money. Except when it’s slow and there isn’t any money. I also have to work seemingly endless hours. Sometimes it just […]

07 Jul


Our lil’ monster has been asking for a pet lately. Hamster and puppy seem to be her favorite choices, a hamster wouldn’t be too bad since they’re small and don’t take up a lot of room. Her babysitter has some already and would help with the cleaning and stuff. A puppy on the other hand […]

01 Jul

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Since I’m not a huge Aerosmith fan and the game only contains around 40 songs but sports a full price sticker, I decided to just rent Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. I’m glad I did. It’s fun, and easier than GH3 overall. I played through all the songs on Hard and never failed any of them, never […]