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27 Aug

Looking for Furniture

I was browsing around online looking for furniture and came across these hammock chairs, that’s looking rather tempting for the rec room. They’re normally an outdoor chair, but since the basement isn’t finished yet I could easily attach a mounting bracket to the ceiling joists to hang a chair from. But, with something like that […]

27 Aug

Building a Rec Room

I’ve begun the planning phases for my basement rec room. I got the measurements done and got some prices on materials. Depending on how I do the room it’ll cost between $600 and $1200 just for the materials, not including the flooring (either laminate or carpet) and doesn’t include labour costs. I can probably do […]

27 Aug

Beach Monster

We finally got around to taking the lil’ monster to the lake for the afternoon. She didn’t really want to go into the water at first, which is normal I guess since it’s her first time there and a lake that size can be a little intimidating for a 4 yr old. She was poking […]

27 Aug

The Car is Almost Paid For

I was going through some finances today and realized that I’ve only got 7 more payments left on my car, whee! 7 more months and I’ll be keeping an extra $450 in my pocket every month. Uhm, then I need to look into a second car for the wife, now that the kid is in […]

27 Aug

Take THAT, Reaper!

I had a decent night on Rock Band drums last night. I 5 starred my last song that was giving me problems on medium, Enter Sandman, I could pass the song without any trouble but I just couldn’t seem to 5 star the bitch. Oh well, it’s done now and I have 5 stars on […]

25 Aug

Car Needs a bit of Fixin’

I had my car in the garage a couple weeks ago for it’s regular oil change, and while it was there I asked them to take a look at a small patch of rust that’s been forming by the rear passenger door. The quote, $150! For a little patch of rust and missing paint! Wow, […]

20 Aug

The Simpsons Game

I’ve kind of been wanting to play this game since it came out. I had downloaded the demo and didn’t really like it, but the game got decent reviews and was described as having a lot of different play styles throughout it’s course. Still though, my experience with the demo put me off enough to […]

15 Aug

Not Missing the Grind

Hard to believe it’s been about 6 months since I last played an MMORPG (well, one that requires payment) and so far I’m not missing the treadmill style grind at all. The 360 continues to keep me entertained during the play time I have, currently playing The Simpsons Game. It’s kind of fun, but I […]

10 Aug

Skin Care

One of the best skin care products I’ve used lately is made by a local company. The cream is made from natural calciums from shell fish and works great on various skin conditions such as psoriasis. It’s great for bug bites as well since it acts as a disinfectant, killing the poisons that the bug […]

10 Aug

Cleaning around the House

Finally have had a bit of extra time to get some things done around the house, like mowing and raking the lawn and cleaning the siding. Holy crap there’s a lot of bugs finding homes in the side of my house, spiders, moths, flies and mosquitoes. I thought about getting some spider traps, or you […]

10 Aug

Rock Band 2 soon!

With Rock Band 2 coming out next month for the Xbox 360 I’m already looking to get rid of my current instruments. The ones that will come bundled with RB2 will be better quality and with improved features, so along with shopping around for the best buy on the new bundle I also have to […]

03 Aug

Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix

Picked up the Potter game really cheap and it’s actually not too bad. Being the latest in the series (and I think it’s the first one on the 360) the kids have grown up a fair bit and are no longer the pimply faced young-uns in need of acne treatments. The game follows the movie […]