Archive for September, 2008

27 Sep

Too Human

Finished off what I wanted to in Blue Dragon, basically just maxing out the character levels and dragon shadows, killing off King Poo and Gold Mecha Robo and a couple other little side quests that were related to achievements. In the meantime I’ve snagged a copy of Too Human via Goozex and have been playing […]

20 Sep

Rock Band at Work

Since we have a few used consoles for sale at work now and a couple sets of Rock Band I decided to hook one up so customers can give it a try. Most people try guitar but a few decide to bang on the drums for a bit. I cringe every time I see someone […]

17 Sep

My PC needs a boost

I installed Hellgate London again at work the other day since it was a pretty slow night. Within minutes I realized why I had uninstalled it in the first place, it’s a little choppy. Especially in ‘towns’. And if I have to alt-tab out to ring up a sale it takes forever to switch back […]

11 Sep

Another busted Vacuum

A while back I bought a new vacuum for the staff to use in the store since we had moved to a new location with carpets instead of just a concrete floor. I didn’t want to spend much on it so I just got one at Zellers for around $65. It worked good, for a […]

04 Sep

More Drum Progress

I finally managed to smash my way through In Bloom on expert and then ran head on into Mississippi Queen which had given me problems on hard, but on my second try I got through it. After that I got 5 stars on Gimme Shelter, that’s a fun song all around. The only one in […]

01 Sep

Blue Dragon (again)

After having rented Blue Dragon a few months ago I kept an eye out for it on Goozex and finally got a copy not too long ago. I’ve been playing it when I have time, a couple hours here and there, and have worked my way up to disc 3 now. My toons are all […]