Archive for October, 2008

26 Oct

Free MMORPG Crowns of Power

It’s been quite some time since I’ve played an MMORPG so when I found out about Crowns of Power I decided to give it a try. The download is small and it’s free, there are no monthly fees either so it’s completely free to play. You can pay for premium features if you like, but […]

21 Oct

Cool T-Shirts

There’s nowhere in this town to get cool T-shirts anymore. Well, not entirely true, but to find good ones loaded with gutter humor is rather difficult. I was surprised to find some good but cheap t-shirts online and when I saw this one I had to order it. Most of my current wardrobe consists of […]

15 Oct

The Club – Xbox 360

Here’s another little gem that’s been sitting on the game shelf under my 360 for about a month already, and yesterday I decided to see what it’s all about. From reading the back of the box I had assumed it would be along the lines of GTA or Saint’s Row, but after playing it for […]

12 Oct

Facebook Games

Most games on Facebook don’t hold my interest for very long. For the most part they remind of those old BBS games like Hack & Slash and Tradewars, but less complex. Two that have stuck with me the longest so far are Scratch & Win and Pull Tabs, they’re simple, mildly fun and can be […]

07 Oct

Gaming on a 96″ Screen

So a couple weeks ago I got my hands on a projector, pretty cheap too, I just hope the bulb isn’t going to burn out soon or something since a replacement would cost more than I paid for the whole projector! The basement isn’t finished yet so my rec room is non-existant, but I wanted […]