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28 Nov


I’ve never been a big fan of handhelds for some reason even though there are some really good games out for them. Even getting a gameboy emulator didn’t hold my attention long enough to beat those old Gameboy Final Fantasy games, many years ago. It’s not that the graphics are bad, graphics don’t really mean […]

28 Nov

Wrath of the Lich King

I’ve been getting the itch to play an MMORPG again lately but deciding which one to play is the hard part. Lich King just came out for WoW and I hear it’s good, much better than Burning Crusade. I also hear they’ve been making lots of game play changes over the last several months so […]

25 Nov

Custom Bike Parts

I want a motorcycle. Been wanting one for years really. Back when I was in high school I had a little Suzuki TS100 dirt bike. It was kinda small but really a great size for a beginner, and I had a lot of old wood roads and trails nearby to ride on so having a […]

25 Nov

Eternal Sonata

This is a pretty good little RPG for the Xbox 360, but it seems to be confused as to what style the combat should be. It’s turn based, or at least it started out that way, but every time I go up a ‘party level’, you get less and less time to do stuff during […]

21 Nov

Ultimate Gaming Chair

I’ve seen gaming chairs advertised before, ones with a bit of vibration, or with speakers built in. This one however takes the cake. It’s not a gaming chair. It’s a full blown massage chair from Takemi Select ! What better way to relax when playing some games than to sit in something like this? Sure […]

21 Nov

Unplayed Games

Holy crap I’ve got a fair size collection of unplayed games gathering on my shelf. I buy them when I see something real cheap, or trade for newer stuff on Goozex from time to time. I’m currently working on Eternal Sonata and for the most part it’s enjoyable, but all the others are tugging at […]

18 Nov

My New Camera

Old faithful finally kicked the bucket a couple months back. We had bought a Canon PowerShot S400 shortly after the kid was born and it saw a lot of use. Over 13000 pictures/videos taken. It still works but I think the image sensor is dying, sometimes the screen goes all funky with colors and lines […]

15 Nov

Self-employment, Not all it’s Cracked up to Be

I’ve been self-employed for a little over 9 years now, and even before that I spent a few years working other general retail jobs (stocking shelves, sweeping floors, etc.). Minimum wage sucked, but at least there were no headaches or worries, you just show up and do your job then go home after 3 to […]

07 Nov

What is Black Friday?

I don’t know if it’s that I’m Canadian or maybe I’ve just been living under a rock my whole life, but lately (the last couple of years) I keep hearing about these awesome “Black Friday” sales and never knew what it was. So now that we’re approaching the 2008 Black Friday specials I’m starting to […]

01 Nov

Christmas Coming Again

As usual Christmas is coming up faster than I can prepare for. Also as usual, the wife and I say we should start shopping now so we don’t have to rush. Also also as usual we probably won’t get much done until the last week. We do have one gift taken care of though, so […]

01 Nov

Console Carry Bag

I’ve been carting my 360 back and forth to work fairly often lately. At first I was just carrying it in one of those grocery store “green” bags, but sometimes it rains and winter is coming soon too so I wanted a better carrying case that would protect the system better. Worrying about the nasty […]