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30 Dec

New TV Soon

This ‘old’ 53″ rear projection Panasonic I’ve got is a nice TV, but the TV and entertainment center combined are taking up a rather large chunk or our living room. I’d rather have a nice slim LCD or Plasma, something around 50″, and a TV stand to put it on. It’s an excuse to upgrade […]

23 Dec

Lots of Stuff to do in WoW

Since starting up WoW again I’ve been spending a lot of time on the Death Knight and working on my engineering/enchanting on Kalamaf. Both of those are going pretty slowly actually, but Herbalism/Inscription on the DK is going quite quickly, some glyphs sell for decent coin while others aren’t worth the paper they’re written on […]

17 Dec

Where’s My Farmers Cap?

I’m not sure how I missed it, but I guess I must have not been playing WoW during the holidays before. Such a simple thing, Small Egg, are going for nearly 2 gold each on the auction house because they are needed for some crafting quests. Turn in some Gingerbread Cookies and Milk and you […]

11 Dec

Back in WoW, Kalamaf Rides Again

After playing for my free 10 days I decided I was interested enough to sign up again keep playing, so I blew my birthday money on a time card and Wrath of the Lich King. Since I just started there’s almost too much to do. A new skill to pick up on an alt, a […]

11 Dec

New Store Opening down the Street

I see they’ve been doing some renovation work on one of the empty stores near where I work, but for the longest time there were no signs up to indicate what was going to be moving in. Earlier in the week when I had to go to the bank I saw they finally had a […]

08 Dec

Christmas’ing Stuff Up

Now that there’s only a couple weeks left until Christmas the wife is starting to get after me to get the deco up which means bringing the fake tree up out of the basement, putting up the indoor lighting and this year she’s rather keen on getting some lights up outside as well, on the […]

02 Dec

RL Ding 36

Happy Birthday to me! No idea what I want but I’ve got $100 to blow so if I get a chance I’ll go do some shopping later. Will most likely pick up a new game, although I’ve still got a bunch of unplayed ones on my shelf. Maybe a copy of Lich King and a […]

02 Dec

WoW – Scroll of Resurrection

Thanks to the World of Warcraft Scroll of Resurrection I get to play free for 10 days, on my main account, to see if I find the game interesting enough again. If an account has been inactive for at least 90 days, it can be resurrected by someone with an active account. This is much […]