11 Dec

Back in WoW, Kalamaf Rides Again

After playing for my free 10 days I decided I was interested enough to sign up again keep playing, so I blew my birthday money on a time card and Wrath of the Lich King. Since I just started there’s almost too much to do. A new skill to pick up on an alt, a Death Knight to work on (and I pretty much need to do the quests in order to get the Talent points you miss from skipping the first 54 levels of the game.

I also plan to play on a second server with an old buddy once in a while so I need to get a toon leveled up fairly quickly on there too. If any of my tiny pool of readers happen to play on Gilneas or Scarlet Crusade, drop me a line (Kalamaf on SC, Fistericious on Gil). I’m still part of Nova Knights on SC, a very casual, no membership card required guild. There’s very few members left so I’m deciding whether to stay in it or look for a new one.

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