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25 Feb

Ding 78, Higher Levels go Faster!

The exp bar seemed to crawl along slowly when I was in the low 70’s, but the closer I get to 80 the faster it seems to move. I did all of level 76 in about 12 hours (spread out over a few days of course) and finally put my mind to getting the epic […]

15 Feb

Normalizing Ventrilo

One of my biggest beefs with team chat programs like TeamSpeak, Ventrilo and even the built in chat in World of Warcraft is that not everyone speaks the same volume. After a bit of digging around a while back I found these settings which effectively normalize everyone in Ventrilo so that they’re pretty much the […]

14 Feb

Love is in the Air

It’s that time of year again in Azeroth, the Valentine’s day celebrations where the main ‘old school’ cities get overrun by hundreds of adventurers looking for favors from the NPC lads and lassies. There’s a bit of running around involved when doing the quests, but when yer all done there’s some nice ‘fluff’ rewards to […]

14 Feb

I Got Hacked! The Finale (I hope)

Yesterday I received another email from Blizzard informing me that their investigation was complete, it included a list of the remaining items that were being returned to me. As far as I can tell, I got back everything that was stolen! In less than a week too! Overall I’m happy with the results but it […]

10 Feb

I got Hacked! Pt. 2

In my last post I talked about what happened when I got hacked last week, now I wanted to mention how I think it happened in the first place. I don’t run a lot of addons and I rarely download stuff or click ads on websites. The only 2 addons I had installed are Titan […]

10 Feb

I got Hacked!

I really don’t know how it happened. I was playing as usual Thursday night last week and went to bed around 2am. The next morning when I got up and checked my email there was a message from Blizz informing me that I had changed my password, which I hadn’t done! So I tried to […]

03 Feb

WoW Built-in Voice Chat

So recently I’ve been grouping up with some local friends of mine every so often and they’ve decided they don’t like typing. I think it’s great that WoW has a built in voice client, it’s so much easier for the average user. No more setting up Vent or TeamSpeak servers and clients and having to […]