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30 Mar

Crystal Defenders

I finally bought a game on XBox Live Arcade, Crystal Defenders by Square-Enix. On the surface it’s a rather simplistic game. A path winds through the main screen map, enemies stroll along that path to steal your crystals. You place your troops along the edge of the path so they can attack the enemies, the […]

25 Mar

No Leveling Lately

Since hitting 80 & 74 with my 2 main toons I haven’t done much except the cooking dailies and a little bit of instance running. Play time is shorter than usual these days since I’ve been so busy with work. Things have been going ok since getting hacked so I decided to go grab a […]

17 Mar

Not Getting Any Younger

I’m not getting any younger, that’s pretty obvious, and neither are my parents. They both smoke so getting term life insurance for seniors can be quite a hassle around here. I bug them constantly to quit, but I guess it falls into the ‘old dog, new tricks’ category. They’ve been smoking since before I was […]

17 Mar

Ding 80 & Ding 74

After being 79 for a while now I decided it was finally time to get that milestone out of the way so I finished it off and dinged to 80. Trained my new abilities and then switched over to the priest to do the cooking daily and finish off 73. I was looking through my […]

03 Mar

Holy Respec

The other day our main tank was getting a little bitchy about shadow priests and healers in general so I decided to respec holy and give it a try. My priest is only 73 though and I wasn’t planning to respec until I had gotten to 80 since I like soloing as shadow, stuff dies […]