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29 Apr

Free Realms

Everyone else is talking about this new game from SOE so I figured I might as well too. I started playing today and it was easy to jump into. I didn’t have to create an account since I already have a station account, and it only downloads the parts you need as you need them […]

28 Apr

360 Elite Starting to Bitch Out

Well damnit, this isn’t much fun. The other night while playing Wheelman my xbox froze up. I shut it off and turned it back on, fearing I’d see the red ring of death. But nope, it started up and all seemed normal until I tried to load up the game and it froze again then […]

27 Apr

House Stuff

The rest of my time this past weekend was spent trying to build a slide for the kid. I brought home some old lumber from the store, stuff that used to be for movie shelves, to build a platform out of. The slide part I bought on sale at Kent a couple weeks ago, $50 […]

27 Apr

The Wheelman

I’ve been having quite a bit of fun with The Wheelman over the weekend. It’s like mixing the sand box style of GTA IV with the destructive driving style of Burnout Paradise. It works and it’s good and it’s got Vin Diesel on horse supplements (not really). The game borrows heavily from the GTA formula […]

17 Apr

Dungeon Runners Revisited

I was looking through my games folder and realized I hadn’t played Dungeon Runners in quite some time, so I fired it up to see how things were going. Patching, not surprising since it’s been so long, so after 10 minutes it was all set and updated. I see there’s been some improvements, and the […]

10 Apr

The West – Slow Browser Game

I started playing The West about a week or so ago after seeing it recommended by a fellow goon. It’s one of those free web browser games, set in the old west, and at times it’s painfully slow. That’s not really a bad thing though, you can spend less than 10 minutes a day ‘playing’ […]

08 Apr

Goodbye WoW, again, for now

Yesterday my time card expired and I didn’t even miss it, so I guess it’s time to take another break. I’ll miss my lil dwarves and gnomes though, with their bald shiny heads and funky hairdos; keep those hair loss treatments away from my toons while I’m gone! Summer is coming and business will get […]