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26 May

Almost done Eternal Sonata

After several months of on and off playing this game I think I’m nearing the end. Chapter 7: Heroic and party level 6 are the last progress achievements for the main quest line so I figure a couple more hours will wrap it up. I lost interest in it for quite a while because the […]

16 May

1 Vs. 100

I keep seeing advertisements for the beta on my 360 dashboard but I have yet to get a chance to try it. Apparently it’s a game show style game where you pit your wits against hundreds or even thousands of other gamers. The game usually starts at 11pm here and I’m usually busy with other […]

16 May

Tower Defense Games

I’ve become a little addicted to tower defense games lately. Up until about a month ago I never knew there was a whole genre dedicated to this type of game. The first one I played was Crystal Defenders on the XBox 360. Put your dudes along a path, monsters walk along the path and hopefully […]

06 May

Game Stop offers Peanuts

I was browsing through Game Stop the other day when a young couple brought in a bag of games and a wireless guitar for PS2. I hung around near the counter to see what they would be offered for their stuff. I know that GS gives decent trade in value for really new games (and […]