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19 Jun

Finally broke 20k GamerScore

I’ve been hovering near the mark for a months now but a couple days ago I finally broke the 20,000 point gamer score barrier by finding the Durium smelter in Overlord. Then last night I racked up a few more points in Lego Batman by going around gathering up missing canisters and red bricks. I […]

17 Jun

Mobile Mouse

Wireless mouse is the in thing in our store and the wife would love one of this when it comes out in August by Microsoft. The Mobile mouse 6000 was recently released in conjunction with a similar 5000 model. Both use BlueTrack and are comfortably sized without being too bulky to cart around. The 6000 […]

15 Jun

Overlord revisited

It’s not that I didn’t like the game the first time I tried it out, it’s that I had only rented it and only recently did I find a copy to buy at a decent price. In fact I loved the game. It’s fun and it’s a good change of pace from the usual plot […]

15 Jun

Evony – Update

I’m past the 1 week mark, around 10 or 11 days now actually, and the game is still pretty fun. I’ve just started work on my third city, my first one is getting built up quite nicely and the second is a cash cow. After the beginner protection was lifted I started scouting and attacking […]

06 Jun

Evony – free online MMORTS

I’m bored. And since playing a new game sounds like more fun than buying faucets online I figured I’d check out this new game I saw advertised in my own sidebar, Evony. FREE FOREVER! They really like to pimp that free forever feature. As with most free online games these days you can choose to […]

06 Jun

Little Gadgets

I’ve been getting quite a collection of little gadgets building up in my store. Digital cameras, Mp3 players, game systems & controllers and so on. It’s pretty normal for this time of year though, June can be a pretty slow month with lots of people looking to sell stuff, but it turns around in July […]