06 Jun

Evony – free online MMORTS

I’m bored. And since playing a new game sounds like more fun than buying faucets online I figured I’d check out this new game I saw advertised in my own sidebar, Evony. FREE FOREVER! They really like to pimp that free forever feature. As with most free online games these days you can choose to pay for premium features if you want to. I choose not to for now, but so far it’s an interesting little game.

So far I’ve been building and building and building since all new players are under 7 day protection from attacks. Once that 7 days is up I’ll find out how much fun the game still is, I just hope I can get a big enough army by then to save my ass from annihilation. There’s a good bunch of “quests” to follow which keep you cruising quite well as far as resources to. Pay 10k gold to build something and chances are you’ll get a quest reward for 10k gold or more just for building that something. It helps your first city to grow really fast.


The game world is persistent, which so far is a good thing. I go to bed at night and when I get up in he morning I have a crapload of resources which I can use to get started on new buildings and upgrades. The downside to this is that once the 7 day protection is over, I could wake up in the morning to find myself wiped out. I don’t know how the combat part is handled yet, and whether or not you can lose your city or just your soldiers. I’ll be finding that out in a few days too.

So far it’s fun and if I keep playing beyond the weekend I’ll post another update with my ‘progress’.

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