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29 Jul

Pocket Projector

This is a Pico 2 Projector and supposedly better than its forefather because it is a lot brighter, you can get this handheld I’m sure at best buy but when you have to pay like $349 for something like this.. would you really wanna pay that much..?? Well, if you have lots of spare change.. […]

26 Jul

Quest Whoring Continues

Hi, my name is Kalamaf and I’m a quest whore. I’ve always freely admitted to that and it holds true even after a year long break. Tonight is the first time I’ve really dragged myself out of the guild hall to go adventuring and where do I find myself? Rivervale, trying to complete more of […]

22 Jul

Damnit, Sucked in Again

13 months since my last subscription expired but here I am firing up EverQuest 2 again. This time I blame the goons and their promise of quinny buzz riding fun! Actually it’s a run speed cape for newbies, but since I’m reactivating my old account there’s no fancy cape for me. Looks like a lot […]

15 Jul

Dead Gamers

I’m sure we’ve all heard lots of stories about gamers taking their hobby a little too seriously, to the point where they end up dead due to various reasons such as sleep deprivation, starvation and so on. Seems like a tiny bit of common sense is all you’d need to keep yourself alive during an […]

09 Jul

What the Hell, Microsoft? – Update

This has been bugging me for a LONG time now. Any time I need to send in a busted (red ringed) xbox 360 or make any changes to my Xbox live account, I’m greeted with the following error. Every. Damn. Time. I end up having to phone in and talk to some Indian to get […]

05 Jul

Brat needs a new Bed

The little one in the house is getting a little too big for her toddler bed. Her feet aren’t dangling off the edge yet, but another growth spurt is all it’ll take to render this one useless. There’s a lot of options out there for new beds, but most are way out of my price […]

05 Jul

Evony – Time Wasted

Well, Evony feels like the biggest waste of time ever. I went to sleep one night with a couple of decent size towns and 2 smaller towns. I woke up in the morning to find I had been attacked 153 times by the same person and completely lost my 2 biggest towns. Weeks spent building […]

04 Jul

iPod Lego Speakers

Coolest gadget for any ipod user and specially designed for the 4th generation of iPod touch users. As you can see this speakers has gotta be inspired by Lego. And at $42 each, pretty steep but can be a traveling comfort for those who travels a lot. I know a friend bought this for someone […]