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30 Aug

Damn storm, flooding my kitchen!

When we bought this house we were told that it included a 7 year warranty (it was a new house made by Maple Leaf Homes). Too bad I’m not one for reading the fine print though, because as the house has settled during the last 5 years it’s developed some minor problems. Cracked paint in […]

19 Aug

Another Dead 360 – fixed for 12 cents!

My 360 Elite died on me a few nights ago so I packed it up and shipped it off. In the meantime I brought one home from work to get me by. It’s one that had also red ringed a while back but was over 3 years old so I couldn’t send it back to […]

18 Aug

Crafting in my Spare Time

Since the guild hall has everything you need all in one room, including Writ givers, I’ve taken to burning through some crafting levels in my spare time. Kal had changed over to woodworking a couple years back but I only ever got him up to mid 40’s before getting bored. Woodworker’s get to make clubs […]

11 Aug

Extreme Gamers

Everytime I read about Japanese gamers.. and how some would die in front of their computer or gaming system, it never failed to leave me flabbergasted. How do one get to this extreme and ignore their health and even their life. Someone that I came to know online was on disability insurance played all day […]

04 Aug

Damn that’s a nice Guild Hall

I see that in my absence real Guild Halls were added to the world of EQ2 and damn are they nice. And expensive to maintain. But the features are so worth it! in one room we have a banker, broker, all top end crafting stations, a harvest storage box and 3 harvesters that we can […]

04 Aug

To Stay or Move

The same people I used to play EQ2 with are still playing on the same server, pretty much on the same nights of the week. The trouble is there are so few of them that getting a group going rarely happens, so I’ve been thinking of grabbing some cheap moving boxes, dropping the $25 and […]