30 Aug

Damn storm, flooding my kitchen!

When we bought this house we were told that it included a 7 year warranty (it was a new house made by Maple Leaf Homes). Too bad I’m not one for reading the fine print though, because as the house has settled during the last 5 years it’s developed some minor problems. Cracked paint in a few places, a side door that is very hard to lock properly, a window that is crooked and lets in a draft, a damp basement and most recently, a front door that leaks horribly when we get rain and south east wind. I called up the warranty company and was informed that none of those problems are covered, it’s only for major structural defects. Like say if a wall were to collapse or the roof caves in. Speaking of roof, we had to get a bunch of shingles replaced last winter because some of them blew off in a storm.

So unfortunately a home warranty isn’t nearly as good as buying something like an RV extended warranty, hardly anything is really covered. I’m not sure how wide spread Maple Leaf Homes are, but if you’re looking to buy a new pre-built home, make sure you have it checked over real good by a professional, although personally I’d steer clear of Maple Leaf completely. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go hire a carpenter to find out why my damn door is leaking!


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