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23 Sep

Listen To ESPN On iPhone

Wanna listen to sports like ESPN while you are traveling home from work in an hour’s long ride on the train..?? I would need appetite suppressant to keep me from munching on junks. But now you can keep yourself occupied because ESPN has launched a new application for the iPhone, ESPN Radio, which is now […]

22 Sep

Batman: Arkham Asylum

The new Batman is probably the best beat ’em up I’ve played in years. The combat works well, is easy to pick up and challenging enough to be… challenging. I played through the entire game on Normal and while I enjoyed it, I doubt I’ll spend the time replaying it on Hard. I’m not a […]

22 Sep

Too Much Music

Every time I turn around there’s a new iteration of a music game popping up on store shelves. A few versions of Rock Band and a couple dozen Guitar Hero’s, at least it feels that way. In the recent past I’ve picked up the Rock Band Country track pack, The Beatles: Rock Band, Guitar Hero […]

13 Sep

Losing a Family Doctor again

It seems like this town has a hard time holding on to good doctors lately. A few years back the wife & kids family doc picked up and moved without even letting them know. We managed to find a new one for them fairly quickly and he’s been around for a few years now. It […]

10 Sep

The Beatles: Rock Band

I’ve never been a big fan of the Beatles, but there’s been so much hype about this game and how well done it is that I decided to pick it up anyway. Featuring 45 songs all by The Beatles, the graphics are amazing, everything is so polished in this game it’s hard to think of […]