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31 Oct

Blizzard Authenticator

A few weeks ago I had written about my WOW account getting hacked again. So enough was enough, even the wife was pissed that I had to spend so much time trying to retrieve my account. I had to prove that it belongs to me by waiting on the phone with Blizzard to talk to […]

29 Oct


I hadn’t heard much about this game until about a week before it’s release, and even then I didn’t bother reading much up on it. But then I heard that Walmart had put it out at $39.96 here in Canada so I caved and picked it up. Since it was only an introductory price and […]

24 Oct

Brutal Legend

This is definitely one of the better games I’ve played recently. It takes the standard hack & slash formula and throws in a lot of good humor and an awesome sound track. Jack Black does an excellent job voicing Eddie Riggs and most of the metal references are spot on and nostalgic. It may be […]

20 Oct

Like a Headless Chicken

So even though work hasn’t been overly busy lately, there’s been a lot to do to keep me busy. Trying to rearrange some shelving and hopefully build some new stuff that will make better use of the space we have. Stuff is just piling up and to me it’s like a huge pile of clutter, […]

12 Oct

WoW account Hacked Again?!?

A friend of mine called me on the weekend to see if I had reactivated my WoW subscription, apparently one of my toons was online since the day before. I was like, no, definitely not me! I had canceled the account a few months ago when I got bored of playing again, so there’s not […]

05 Oct

Crocs for Every Season

I’ve been wearing Crocs in the summers for the last few years. They’re comfortable even though they’re a little ugly, but the main problem I have with them is that once the soles wear out they become very slippery when walking on wet pavement, particularly on painted sections like crosswalks. Aside from that they’re great […]

04 Oct

TV’s Back

There’s so few good shows on during the summer months that we hardly watch TV at all until right about now when all the new seasons start up. I was pretty disappointed when I found out that 2 of my favorites from last year have been canceled though. Reaper and Terminator were both really good, […]

01 Oct

Basement Renovations soon!

Going on 5 years now since we moved into this house, and the basement is still just a huge concrete room like the day we moved in. It’s almost time to get started on that and we have some basic plans sketched out. It will mostly be turned into a large rec-room, a laundry room, […]

01 Oct

Lord of the Rings Online

So even though I’m still ‘active’ in EQ2, my sub runs out in about 3 weeks, I haven’t really felt like playing it. Kind of a waste of monthly fees this time around and I think part of it is that as an Inquisitor, combat is just so damn slow and boring. I know a […]