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25 Nov

Facebook Junkie

There’s an online yard sale facebook group for around here and sometimes there’s good deals to be had. But with nearly 7000 members you have to be quick if something good gets posted cause chances are it won’t last long. In a lot of ways it’s better than driving around on the weekend going to […]

25 Nov

Can’t Get Enough Borderlands

I finished Borderlands last night and then proceeded to finish off the rest of the quests this morning. Then I remembered that they’ve released some DLC for the game already, something about Zombies, so I went to check it out and promptly bought it. I booted up the game and started Playthrough 2 since I […]

23 Nov

Gotta Love the Micro$oft Warranty

Bought another dead xbox 360 today for $30. Less than 3 years old and the warranty sticker is still intact, so off to the repair center it goes and in a few weeks I’ll have a shiny ‘new’ system to stick on the shelf to sell. And another free month of Xbox live Gold. My […]

17 Nov

Game Room

I’ve been working on my basement plans a bit more this week, trying to fit in a game room. Nope, not enough gaming going on in the house already, I need a good space to put in something bigger like a pool table or ping pong tables. Probably pool, it’s a lot more fun and […]

16 Nov

Bling Bling

What better way to say “Bling Bling motherfucks” than by hanging one of these lovely gold initial pendants around your neck. It’s definitely more subtle than this dude with the gold plated segway. Yes I admit it, I spend way more time at than is probably healthy, but what can I say? There’s a […]

10 Nov

Borderlands Some More

The more I play this game the more I like it. I’ve finished off all the quests in Fyrestone and am grinding my way through New Haven but some of these bugs are getting annoying. At least I assume they’re bugs, I have 2 different quests to collect gun parts that I can’t finish because […]

05 Nov

360 Vs. PS3

I got a PS3 a couple months back but so far I still don’t have many games for it. While the system -is- good, basically the same as the XBox 360 when it comes to graphics and sound, I don’t like the controller as much. One place where the PS3 controller really shines though is […]

04 Nov

Lego Rock Band

When I first heard about this game many months ago I figured it must be a joke. Even though it was April Fools day it just seemed too silly to be real. But as time went on and more information became available it was very apparent that the game was in fact real. I’ve been […]