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29 Dec

New TV on Order!

It’s absolutely mind boggling to think of the amount of product a company like Futureshop goes through over the holidays. Take their current boxing day sale as an example. Many of the TVs they have on sale were available in quantities of 3000 or more, and they’ve sold out! I finally cashed in some air […]

22 Dec

Get Learned

Going to college right after high school is considered the norm for most people, but I never did the college thing. I took a year of basic Accounting at the local community college and then promptly found work in a fish plant. It was hard to figure out what I actually wanted to do with […]

11 Dec

Wii – I Still Don’t get the Mass Appeal

So a couple weeks ago we decided to get a Wii. Then shortly afterwards picked up a Wii fit. That’s pretty much the only thing we ‘play’ on this particular console. When given a choice of which “next gen” console to buy games for I’ll always pick the 360 or PS3 over the Wii, except […]

11 Dec

Facebook Games

Facebook games are too much of a time waster. Sure they’re limited in what you can do per day, but once you start playing 5 or 6 of them it can turn into quite a time sink. I harvested then replanted some crops in Farmville. Did a bunch of jobs in Mafia Wars. Put down […]

06 Dec

Broke 25k GamerScore

I just broke 25000 GS tonight on the ol’ Xbox 360. Actually it was 26k but 1k of that almost feels like cheating and went by so fast I forgot about it for a minute there. Someone traded in that Avatar at my store the other day, the one where you can get all 1000 […]