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29 Jan

Finally a response from Futureshop

So after waiting over a month and making several phone calls, I finally tracked down the number for Fuckershop’s head office. I called and talked to someone who said that they’d pass it on to the appropriate department and I’d hear back within 4 hours. And someone actually did call! To say the same thing […]

24 Jan

Selling hockey Cards now

Someone suggested a while back that I should order in a few boxes of hockey cards to sell in my store, so I finally got around to doing that. It’s been slow starting, but today we sold about half a box which is very nice to see and I hope it happens more often. I […]

24 Jan

*starts pulling hair out*

On my 5th call to Fuckershop my ‘problem’ with my order was escalated a 3rd time. What does that even mean anyway? Escalated to what? The guy says “This time we should hear something because I’m going to be very description in my report to show just how long this has been going on and […]

21 Jan

Decimation X

New from the guys who will eventually bring you Duality ZF comes the hot newretro shoot ’em up ‘Decimation X’. It’s available to purchase on the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace for the whopping price of 80 MS points, that’s roughly $1. It’s definitely worth the buck especially for people wanting a kick of nostalgia. […]

21 Jan

Zombie Movies

You can’t throw a dead cat in my store without hitting a zombie movie these days, they’re everywhere! Zombieland, Carriers, Zombie Strippers (rotten tits anyone?) no amount of face cream can help those poor gals out. I haven’t had a chance to watch any of the recent ones yet, having a 6 yr old girl […]

20 Jan

F**k Futureshop

Be warned, this post contains lots of bad words! God damn this shit is getting on my nerves. Much more of this and I’ll be needing a dose of anti wrinkle treatment to get rid of stress lines. And I’m generally a stress free kind of guy! I called those fuckers at Futureshop, again, to […]

20 Jan


Ever since I first saw the cover of Darksiders I’ve wanted to play it. I had no idea what the game was about, I hadn’t seen any screenshots, I didn’t even know what style the game was. RPG? Action? Hack & slash? Didn’t matter, the cover art was just really cool. But, I’m spoiled since […]

18 Jan

New Surround System

To go along with my new TV (some day, if it ever shows up, damn you Futureshop!) I had a chance to pick up a Bravia 5.1 system. 850 watts, smaller speakers than my current setup but damn did it sound nice. And it’ll take up less room, especially the sub which is about half […]

16 Jan

Ghostbusters Finished Finally

I really need to get my butt in gear and finish off more of these games I’ve had on the shelf for months on end. I last played Ghostbusters in Sept. 09 and after trying a boss a few times I shut it off and went to bed. This morning I finally got around to […]

16 Jan

Damnit Futureshop!

So here we are the 16th of January. My TV has been marked as “Successfully shipped” since the end of December. And where do you suppose my TV currently is? According to customer support, it’s still IN THEIR DAMN WAREHOUSE!! I can understand that the holiday’s may have caused some delays in shipping, but 3 […]

04 Jan

New TV Stand

So I did a bit of shopping around and I’ve found a TV stand I like. It’s more than I was planning to spend, even though it’s currently half price. These things have gotten expensive over the last few years! It’s pretty slick looking though with glass shelves, metal posts and a mounting bracket at […]

04 Jan

Big Check!

Woot! Today I had a nice little check in the mail, just shy of $2000. It was a rebate for insurance premiums I had paid over the last 15 years for a cancer policy. It was one of their selling points when I took the policy, if I don’t make any claims on it in […]