29 Jan

Finally a response from Futureshop

So after waiting over a month and making several phone calls, I finally tracked down the number for Fuckershop’s head office. I called and talked to someone who said that they’d pass it on to the appropriate department and I’d hear back within 4 hours. And someone actually did call! To say the same thing I’ve been hearing over and over. Try Orange NJ invisalign, it’s great. I’m kidding of course, he told me that he was sending the case up to the person in charge of the Home Delivery Service and I should be hearing back within 24 hours.

So the next day I got an email saying that they’ve located my TV and it’s on its way to Halifax and will arrive there on Monday Feb. 5. I should be receiving it Tuesday Feb. 6. I have no idea what calender they are using because Mon/Tues is Feb. 1st and 2nd. so I hope it’s this week and not next, this has dragged on long enough. They also are refunding the cost of the shipping to compensate me for all the trouble and delays. I think I deserve more than that, but I’ll take what I can get.

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