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21 Feb

It’s the Thought that Counts

Someone gave us a little gift bag at Christmas that included a box of Lifesavers. It ended up under some clothes in a pile in the bedroom until a few days ago when it was re-discovered, opened and (almost) eaten. See, they’re supposed to be the old-school hard life savers, not the new gummy type. […]

20 Feb

Character Creation in Games

I generally enjoy spending a few minutes building my own toons when I play new games these days. The customization options are getting to be ridiculously detailed to the point where you can make your in-game dude (or dudette) a baby-faced tween or a wrinkled old hag that even the best wrinkle creams couldn’t help. […]

20 Feb

Sore Neck from Playing Rock Band

I hadn’t played any music games for a couple of weeks and then 2 nights ago I spent a couple hours on Rock Band. The first hour on drums and then another hour on guitar. Was fun, got my ass kicked by the new Megadeth songs. I did OK on some but then for others […]

20 Feb

You let your kid play what?!

I like violent games, swearing is great, and being a regular guy I gotta say, I love titties. Not so much on the pixelated cartoony variety, but hey, if it fits the story line then throw ’em in there. What gets me though is that these games are all rated M, they mention the need […]

20 Feb

Bioshock 2

I’ve only played this one for a few hours so far but it’s looking pretty good. The graphics are smooth and crisp and the story is looking to be a little twisted like the first one. I’m not sure if I like playing as a Big Daddy though, he seems pretty wimpy early on although […]

20 Feb

Sacred 2

I picked this game up from Goozex months ago but on my old TV it looked like crap. The text was too small to read comfortably and I could never seem to tell what was going on. Random things on the ground could have been blood splatters, outdoor cushions or small rodents for all I […]

04 Feb

New TV needs New Stand

The wife rolls her eyes when I go moving things around in the living room, but with this new TV I want to get a new stand so I can get rid of this big honking entertainment unit that surrounded the old TV. Good thing I don’t have rheumatoid arthritis or anything cause moving all […]

02 Feb

TV Finally Arrived

So my new TV finally arrived a few days ago but you must know by now how upset I am that I’ve waited for more than 1.5 months for it. I ordered it on Boxing Day and had to spend hours hunting it down with Future Shop and when they finally made the arrangements they […]