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26 Mar

Video Games are Good for You

I’ve always been a believer that playing games is good for you as long as you don’t go overboard and play all the time. Shooters help develop hand-eye coordination, RPG’s can get to your emotional side with great story-telling and adventure games tend to have challenging puzzles that encourage you to think outside the box. […]

24 Mar

Rock Band Network

The Rock Band Network finally launched a couple weeks ago and already has over 150 songs available from artists both popular and obscure. It seems to be a great service for smaller bands and artists but there’s some pretty big names putting out songs via RBN as well. The biggest news I heard this week,big […]

24 Mar

Too Much Change

Change can be a good thing. Too much change is typically a bad thing. Unless it’s the clinky clink type of change you find in your pocket at the end of every day and throw it into a can or bottle and forget about it. Do this on a daily basis and eventually you’ll look […]

24 Mar

Final Fantasy XIII played

I’ve been playing the game for 8 hours so far, and while it was a little slow starting it’s ramping up to be pretty good. The story, as with most FF games, is getting quite deep and involved and is sure to be one of the best things about the game. Does nutrisystem work? I […]

24 Mar

Zombie Farm

My first foray into gaming on an iPod Touch has been Zombie Farm, a free game from the app store that looks a lot like FarmVille on Facebook. Except, ya know, you grow zombies instead of veggies. Oh wait, you also grow veggies as a way to earn money to grow more zombies. Zombies make […]

24 Mar

Just Cause 2

I’ve had the demo for this sitting on my PS3 for a while now but never got around to trying it out. But after seeing it in Walmart for only $39.83 last night I decided it was time to fire up the demo and see if the game is worth getting. It’s not often that […]

23 Mar

Information Security

These days with everything being computerized it’s both wonderful and scary at the same time. You can do your banking and pay your bills from the comfort of your computer chair, you can book movie tickets in advance, in some places you can even renew your license online. This level of convenience brings a certain […]

16 Mar

Awesome deal on Xbox 360 Arcade this week

I was looking through the weekly flyers a couple days ago and was very surprised to see that at least 2 stores have the Xbox 360 arcade systems on sale for just $129.99 this week (regular price of $199.99). I ran out and bought 2 of them to resell in my own store since normally […]

12 Mar

Argh! Floor Flood!

We had a pretty bad rain storm about a week ago and when I got up in the morning I was greeted by a huge puddle of water in the dining room floor. Great! It tends to happen when the wind blows from the East during a rain, but this time was much worse than […]

03 Mar

PS3 Slim

Tonight I got my hands on a PS3 slim, I decided to keep it and sell my regular older style PS3, which also had a 120gb drive in it (I upgraded from the 40gb it started with). It’s not really as pointless as it sounds at first glace, the slim uses less power which is […]

01 Mar

Final Fantasy XIII

So it’s a no-brainer that I’ll be picking up Final Fantasy XIII next week when it launches, but I still haven’t decided which console to get it for. I love the 360, especially the controller, but I hear the PS3 will have a bit of an edge this time around when it comes to graphics […]