24 Mar

Final Fantasy XIII played


I’ve been playing the game for 8 hours so far, and while it was a little slow starting it’s ramping up to be pretty good. The story, as with most FF games, is getting quite deep and involved and is sure to be one of the best things about the game.

Does nutrisystem work? I have no idea. Does the combat system in FF13 work? Sure does! Honestly, I really really miss the golden days of turn based combat where you have time to think and plan your attacks, but the overall feel and speed of combat in FF13 makes up for the lack of nostalgia. Most of the time I find myself just hitting the auto attack button, but needing to change paradigms several times in each battle keeps it from getting boring. I like that battles aren’t random invisible encounters as well, and it only takes a second or two before and after each battle unlike older games where you had to wait 10 to 15 seconds for the battle to load. Every battle.

Oh and as for which version I went with, definitely PS3 for this game. lensoftruth.com had a head2head posted on release day and it’s very obvious that the PS3 version blows the 360 out of the water. Textures are smoother, cinematics are amazing and shadows are more realistic, to name just a few of the things that make it better on PS3. The 360 had a couple of places where it looks better, mainly with the rendering distance, and if all you own is a 360 then get the game anyway, it will not be disappointing. But if you have both systems and an HD TV then PS3 is the way to go this time around.

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